Wedding Weight Loss:How to lose weight before the big day

A bride-to-be can plan out a course of reasonable weight loss by determining how many pounds she can possibly lose given the time she has. Just as getting married is a major lifestyle change, so is successful weight loss, experts say. It’s natural for brides and grooms to want to look their best for their wedding day, and going about it the right way can make the difference between living healthier, or heavier, ever after.

As the excitement of the marriage proposal turns to making wedding plans, a bride-to-be’s thoughts may turn to losing a few pounds for her wedding day. Although the bride can follow a strict diet to lose weight quickly, she’ll be happier with more realistic plans for diet and exercise. Of course, the more time she has before the wedding, the more weight she’ll have the opportunity to lose at a reasonable rate.

Determining Calories for Weight Loss:

Cut too many calories from the diet and the body’s metabolism will slow down and hinder attempts at weight loss. To lose one pound a week, a woman needs to cut 500 calories a day (she needs to cut 3500 calories divided by seven days). A year-long engagement gives the bride the chance to lose 52 pounds. If there is less time or the desire to lose more weight at a rate of two pounds a week, then she’ll need to cut 1000 calories a day.

Exercise for Weight Loss:A woman needs to burn 200 to 300 calories a day three-to-five days a week. Roughly, these calories can be burned in a 30-minute run or a 60-minute walk. The workout needs to be moderately-intense, which means the woman could talk but not sing during her exercise routine.
For brides- and grooms-to-be who want to achieve sensible and lasting weight loss before their weddings, Mercer has this dietary advice:

  • Eat smaller portions.Eat less sugar. Do not add sugar to any foods or drinks. Pay attention to labels on what you eat.
  • Identify sources of empty calories in your diet, such as high-fat and high-sugar snacks, and limit them.
  • Consume less carbohydrates. Try limiting yourself to 100 grams of carbohydrates a day. Decrease this amount if you are not seeing results.
  • Drink more water. To determine how much water you need in order to lose weight, divide your weight in half. This gives you the number of ounces you should drink daily.
  • Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. They’re powerhouses of nutrition and can fill you up on fewer calories.
  • Get enough sleep. This is how your body rejuvenates itself from the work you are doing. You should get between seven and ten hours a night.
  • Choose leaner, lower-fat meat and dairy products.
  • Eat your calories, don’t drink them. Engagement is a time for celebrations and parties, so choose your beverages wisely. Alcoholic beverages generally have at least 100 calories or more.

Once future brides and grooms set their minds to a weight-loss and fitness plan, Fleming says, they are usually successful. Many pick up healthy habits that last a lifetime.


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