A Girl’s Guide Tips for Walking Comfortably in High Heels..

Wearing high heels can make you stand so that your legs looks slimmer, your stomach is flatter, and your femininity is unstoppable. It can also do wonders for your stride, but walking in high heels is not a natural talent–it’s learned skill, perfected by practice and discipline.


  1. If high heels are not your thing, or if this is the first time you’ll be walking a lot in high heels, you may want to consider “working your way up” to the heel height you’d like to be wearing. Start with a lower heel than the high heels you’ll be wearing on the day or evening of the event, and practice walking in them first, using the above steps as you work your way up through to higher heels.
  2. Consider starting out with a chunkier high heel, as opposed to a stiletto. If the high heels you’ll eventually be walking in have a thinner heel, you can at least adjust first to the “added height” element before adding balance to the equation.
  3. If possible try to limit the number of obstacles in the first high heels you’ll be wearing – for example, a pair of high heels with rounded toes will probably be more comfortable than pointy-toed shoes, and you can concentrate more on walking gracefully in high heels if your toes aren’t being pinched together.
  4. Try at first to avoid backless, or extremely flimsy high heels. Opting for a pump, or a sandal with an ankle strap will add support for your ankles, and will definitely help in your attempt to walk in high heels.
  5. Don’t shoe shop with swollen feet — e.g., when it’s hot or right after exercise
  6. Fast dancing in high heels can be extremely dangerous, and should be avoided. But don’t think it’s okay to simply throw off your shoes and head barefoot onto the dance floor. This can be equally or more dangerous if you were to step on broken glass, or have someone else’s spiked heel come down squarely on the top of your foot. If you have a chance to remove high heels before dancing, do! When clubbing, opt for a lower heeled shoe that you can dance safely in – or go to the club, and don’t dance.
  7. Focus on one step at a time.
  8. Buy a quality pair of shoes. Shoes in the $50 and up range will last longer and be better for your feet. Some brands make shoes with a sturdier heel spike and padded insole. If you are looking for shoes to dance in, check with your local dance instruction school for recommendations on stylish shoes that are designed for dancing.
  9. Change heel heights several times a day. Feet and legs shouldn’t be allowed to mold themselves to any one shoe shape.

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