Losing weight can truly be an uphill battle. There are countless diet plans and exercise regimes that are available these days for you to follow. However, a thing that you might have noticed is that most diet plans contain lean cuts of proteins and different kinds of liquids but not a lot of fruits!

The reason is that fruits are thought to contain high ratios of natural sugars. Thus, a general perception is that fruits are not the best choice when you want to lose weight. This however, is a completely false belief. Fruits have several nutrients and minerals that fulfill your body’s daily needs without making you pile on the extra calories! Hence, fruits are a wonderful choice of food if you are struggling to shed the extra flab.

How Do Fruits Facilitate Weight Loss?

Weight loss is a natural and gradual process. Burning off stubborn fat layers is all about striking a balance. You need to balance the amount of calories you consume in comparison to the number of calories you burn. Fruits are helpful because they are low in calorie count and rich in dietary nourishment. Hence, fruits make you feel full and provide energy that your body needs without piling excess fat on the body.

Fruits That Will Help!

Some fruits are miraculous when it comes to losing weight! It might be hard to believe but making these fruits a part of your daily diet can actually help you lose up to 2 or 3 kilos in one week.

  • Strawberries
    We all love strawberries! These little red beauties are rich in flavor and look extremely appetizing too. There are several different ways in which strawberries can be consumed – in whole form, as shakes, smoothies, in salads and the list goes on. Strawberries only have 50 calories per serving which means that even if you eat a bowl full of these little berries, you will be consuming around 150 or 200 calories. A good run on the treadmill for a few minutes will be enough to burn these calories consumed!
  • Grapefruit
    You might already be familiar with this fruit for weight loss. Grapefruit actually has naturally high water content. This means that it makes you feel fuller even if you eat less. Again, it is also low in calorie count which makes it an even better choice of fruit.
  • Avocados
    Avocados are a very popular fruit, particularly in the western part of the world. This fruit helps in weight loss as it is rich in healthy fats. Health fats help to increase the body’s metabolic rate which in turn burns excess fat at a faster pace.
  • Water Melon
    A major favorite fruit of mostly everyone in the summer season, water melon is a superb fruit for weight loss. 90% of this fruit is water. It also contains an amino acid called arginine which swiftly cuts through the fat layers.
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Good in taste and super beneficial for the health; fruits are an ideal choice for everyone who want to lose weight and get fit!