It can be a little bittersweet when your kid loses baby teeth and the permanent teeth erupt. It’s a sign that your baby is growing up. But, now it’s time for some serious oral care. As a mother, you should help your kid develop good oral habits from an early age. This will help them get straight teeth.

Why Are My Kid’s Teeth Not Straight?

It’s common for kids to have crooked teeth which mostly correct themselves as they grow up. Some causes for crowded or crooked teeth involve genetic factors like large teeth, small jaw, wide spacing, to name a few. Bad dental habits can also result in misaligned teeth. However, you can take some steps to ensure they get straight teeth.

Kids Straight Teeth

4 Tips for Straight Teeth Development in Kids

  • Keep a Check on Bad Oral Habits

Some kids indulge in excessive thumb sucking or use the pacifier for more than 2 years. While these habits may seem harmless, they will have an impact on the teeth. Ensure the kids don’t use the pacifier beyond the age of two and discourage them from sucking their thumb.

Other bad dental habits include tongue thrusting, reverse swallowing, or breathing through the mouth. All these habits contribute to crooked teeth.

The kids may find it hard to break the habit, but you must help them do that so that they get straighter teeth as they grow.

If you think oral hygiene and alignment of teeth are not correlated, think again.

Dental damage like tooth decay could lead to crooked or crowded teeth. This is because the permanent teeth cannot be guided into their proper position if there is tooth damage. Tooth decay might lead to tooth loss. Once there is a loss of a tooth, the surrounding teeth can shift into empty space if the permanent teeth haven’t erupted.

Hence, good oral practices are important. Get your kid into a regular habit of brushing and flossing. Make sure they brush and floss twice a day for two minutes for thorough cleaning.

  • Visit Dentist Regularly

Once your kid’s teeth start erupting, take them to a pediatric dentist. They will identify dental problems that need to be addressed. They will also recognize bad dental habits and help the kids break them.

The dentist may notice if teeth are not coming in straight and refer you to an orthodontist.

  • Make an Orthodontic Appointment

If the dentist refers your kid to an orthodontist, do make an appointment. They can identify if your child needs early orthodontic care. The earlier you start the orthodontic treatment, the better.

Ideally, your kid’s first orthodontist trip should be at the age of 7. This is when the permanent start erupting and the orthodontist will be able to start early treatment to prevent major treatment in the future.

Final Words

An early orthodontic visit is a good thing. This way you ensure that your kid not only gets straight teeth but also healthy teeth. If you haven’t taken your kid to an orthodontist yet, it is time you do.