Colloidal metals are extremely versatile substances. They can be ingested, injected
and applied topically. Their benefits can be diverse and they’ve been used for
decades in medicinal roles. They are absolutely worth considering as an additive or
vitamin supplement.

Body Cleansing: Colloidal silver may
help in fighting infections. It could provide support for the body ad a supplement.
The substance has been used to combat forms of bacteria and skin fungus. The
potential for skin funguses (athlete’s foot, yeast infections, etc.) is always
pretty common. However, skin funguses rarely travel below the surface of the skin
and are treated fairly simply. Colloidal soap has been used to treat skin fungus and
other dermatological ailments.

Dietary Mineral Supplements: Colloids have been used to help cleanse the body, to
help the body maintain vitality during the day and to support the body’s rebuilding
system at night. Colloidal silver has been employed as an excellent source for
water purification. And the presence of silver in one’s diet could help aid in the
digestion process.

Stress Relief: Colloidal gold has been reported to relief stress, anxiety, and
depression. Of course, depression, stress and anxiety all originate from the brain.
The brain operates on electrical signals and metal has strong conductive qualities.
The nano particles in the gold can affect the electrical connectivity within the
brain – helping the brain to produce the necessary synapse connections. These
connections should help relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

Skin Conditioner: Silver can be applied directly to cuts, acne, eczema and open
sores. The colloidal metals can help to flush out the impurities and bacteria in
the skin. Ionic colloidal silver can possess strong antibacterial and antiviral
powers. Contact with poison ivy, oak, sumac and many other rashes prompt local
defense systems to over-react with skin irritation, itching and blisters or sores. A
colloidal silver application can curb these reactions. The topical treatment may
also soothe acne and help with sores.

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Food Preservation: Silver has been classically associated with dining because of
its beauty and antibacterial qualities and colloidal metals have been known as a quality
food preserver. Due to the bactericidal and fungicidal qualities present in
colloidal metals, silver can be added to storage containers to help preserve food,
water, wine, vinegar and oils that would otherwise spoil from bacterial
contamination. Because it can also be used as a body supplement there are no
concerns with putting too much colloidal silver into food, like there are with salt
or MSG.