We all have stress in our lives and would welcome stress relief. Good weight loss and fitness motivation strengthens your “internal watchdog” and allows you to handle stress much more effectively. You’ll find that by using the proper weight loss and fitness motivation techniques, before you know it the fear is gone and you become more focused.  If you do fail at first, and I say at first, because anyone who keeps trying is going to succeed, (I have never seen anyone who was determined, fail if they keep trying,) don’t let it go to your head. You did your best, you had guts, you’re a winner! There’s weight loss and fitness motivation in you somewhere that will keep you going. Find it and get your butt going again.

When success goes to someone s head its bad, but not nearly as bad as when failure goes to someone s head! Don’t let it go to your head. Remember this now, have no fear.

You will be successful in any endeavor in life in direct proportion to the amount of fear and failure you can handle.

So if you think sometimes that you are a big failure but you have a strong threshold for rejection, then you will end up always a big success with a big threshold for failure!

When thinking of your weight loss and fitness motivation & weight loss goals, remove all fears by:

Focusing on the good

  1. Focusing on the objective
  2. Focusing on the goal
  3. Focusing on the solution
  4. Focusing on your aim
  5. Focusing on your destination

When you do, you’ll see how quickly the fears disappear and you’ll realize that you are retaining a high level of weight loss motivation

These simple weight loss motivation tips will help you to get started and stay on track.  If you are here at this website, then you already are motivated to lose weight, that’s why you’re here.  But staying motivated can sometimes be very difficult.

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Remember, losing weight does not happen overnight. Depending on how much weight you have to lose, your journey can span several months.  So it’s only natural to find yourself getting discouraged now and again.

Motivation for Weight Loss Tip #1

Set a goal
Goals are a great way to keep us on track.  You have to know where you want to go in order to get there.

With weight loss you should make a big goal, getting to your ideal weight, but also make smaller goals to help keep you motivated along the way.

Motivation to Lose Weight Tip #2

Find a diet buddy

Support is a great weight loss motivation technique. Surrounding yourself with people you care about and who care about you will help you to stay motivated.  Tell your family and friends about wanting to lose weight.  They will be your best weight loss motivation.  Make sure your group is supportive and not drill instructors.  You want their support not their disappointment.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #3

Reward yourself along the way

Take a look at your small goals and each time you reach one of those goals, reward yourself.  Don’t necessarily do this with food, but rather something fun.  Go to the movies or a night out with your friends.  Celebrate in your success. I use this weight loss motivation each time I reach one of my mini goals.

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Motivation for Weight Loss Tip #4

Don’t feel guilty

Staying on track is difficult especially when the unexpected happens.  So don’t feel guilty if you had a piece of cake at the wedding reception or had a greasy cheeseburger for lunch because you forgot to pack your healthy meal.  Things happen.  Just forget about it, move on and get back on track.  But don’t let these little slips become a habit.

Motivation to Lose Weight Tip #5

List your reasons for wanting to lose weight

Write down why you want to lose weight.  Is it to fit into that special dress for a class reunion?  Or is it to fit back into those jeans from last summer.  Maybe you want to lose weight in order to reduce certain health risks.  Whatever your reasons are, write them down.  Then when you feel a lack of weight loss motivation, re-read your notes and refresh your memory as to why you want to lose weight.

Weight Loss Motivational Tips #6

Track your progress

Keep a weight loss journal or chart your progress.  Seeing your success written down is a great motivator.  If you start to see your progress headed in the wrong direction, adjust your routine.  Add some more exercise or take a look at how many calories you are consuming.  As you exercise and lose weight, your calorie intake for weight loss is changing.  Make sure you are adjusting accordingly.

Motivation for Weight Loss Tip #7

Thrive from other’s success stories

Reading about other people’s weight loss success is another great motivation tool.  There are literally thousands of people who were in your same situation and lost the weight.

Read about their stories to get your weight loss motivation.  These stories may even have some great tips to help you get you to your goal weight.

Keep in mind each person’s success and how they got there may be different than yours.  Because we are all different, your weight loss methods to get to your success may vary from others.

Motivation for Losing Weight Tip #8

Throw away the fat clothes

As you lose the weight and go down in clothing size, celebrate by giving away those big clothes.  This is a great way to stay motivated to keep the weight off.  After all, who wants to spend a bunch of money buying clothes in a bigger size?  So give them away, burn them or cut them up.  Whatever you do, get them out of your closet so you will not have clothes that will fit if you gain weight.  Motivate yourself to keep it off.

Weight Loss Motivation Tip #9

Don’t fall into the diet trap

Many people are looking for ways to lose weight quick.  Although this can be a great motivator, quick weight loss programs are generally not recommended.  A slow weight loss is what most experts say is the best way to lose weight.

Why? With a weight loss program that takes it slow and steady, you are learning and changing as you go. So by the time you get to the maintenance portion of the program, you’ve already thrown out the bad habits and replaced them with the good.

Motivation for Weight Loss Tip #10

Lastly, do it for yourself

Make sure you want to lose weight and you’re not doing it for someone else.  You have to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with anyone else.  Of course if there is a medical reason, then you really should try to lose the weight, even if you are not sure you want to.  To be really, truly motivated for anything, you have to really want it.  So do it for yourself, your health and your soul.