One of the most common reasons why people tend to seek dental assistance is Discoloration of teeth. Even people having dentitions with normal color willingly go for teeth whitening procedures or teeth bleaching procedures. Everyone wants to get a best teeth whitener to make teeth cleaner. But, before they can ask their dentists for an appointment, people aim towards gathering as much information and tips as they can get their hands on about dental whitening and teeth cleaning. Thats the reason why we have created this website, for the better understanding of best teeth whitening tips among the masses.

Teeth can become stained and discolored from years of drinking coffee, soda, or tea, or from smoking. Fluoride treatments can also cause teeth to develop a motley series of spots and splotches. Lemon juice is a commonly suggested method for whitening your teeth without having to resort to over-the-counter chemical tooth whiteners. Unfortunately, the acid in lemon juice can damage your teeth whitening the teeth. By using the inner parts of the rind rub your teeth. You can prepare the tooth paste that will help to whitening the teeth. This is made with strawberries. Cut this in to small pieces and grind it. You can use this as teeth whitening tooth paste.

You can use the mixture of iodine rich salt and baking soda for the teeth whitening purpose. Take one table spoon of baking soda and mix this with a pinch of salt this is a best natural teeth whitening agent. But the side effect by using this product is the salt present in this mixture may cause weakened enamel and pain in mouth.The natural cleanser for teeth is crushed walnut. This is helpful to kill the bacteria in the mouth, it will help to increase the color in teeth and avoiding the formation of discolors in teeth. You can use the dab hydrogen peroxide, Q-Tip that can act as a teeth whitening agent this may cause irritation so you need to use this carefully.

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By using the water or vinegar you can rinse your mouth. Instead of paste you can use the wood ash. Daily brushing with lemon juice will help to increase the color in the teeth. An excellent whitener for teeth is a mixture of dried peels of orange and dried bay leaves. Before you brush add a drop of clove oil to that toothpaste. Rubbing with the walnut tree to your teeth is also good. For reducing the space between the teeth you can use straw. Chewing the whitening gum is also useful.

1. Brush and floss your teeth frequently daily after eating to avoid the construct up of stains, plaque and tartar that may discolor your teeth. Great oral care also assists to maintain your teeth powerful and healthy.

2. Go to your dentist frequently, preferably twice a year. Your dentist might help to clean and get rid of any minor stains as well as stubborn plaque from your teeth – preventing tooth decay although sustaining the organic whiteness of the teeth.

3. Consume much more fruits and veggies that consists of a lot of fibre. High fiber foods are excellent organic teeth whiteners and will assist exfoliate stains about the surface area with the teeth.

4. If feasible, prevent drinking coffee, tea and red wine. These beverages consists of color pigments that can certainly coat and stain the surface area with the tooth enamel, thereby creating the teeth appear dull and yellow.

5. Quit tobacco and smoking. Contrary to Hollywood’s image, smoking isn’t bringing Sexy Back! In truth, the carbon and nicotine can trigger stains to construct up about the teeth and they may also improve your danger of gum illness and cancer with the mouth and throat.

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6. Some organic house treatments this kind of as baking soda and strawberries might help you whiten your teeth. Nevertheless, you ought to also be conscious with the dangers of utilizing this kind of house treatments because numerous of them are either very acidic or abrasive and will harm your teeth

Lemon Juice for Whitening Teeth:Avoid using lemon to whiten your teeth

Method: The recommended method is to brush your teeth with lemon juice. This is not a recommended procedure as the acid in lemon juice will dissolve enamel over time. In the short term it can also make teeth extremely sensitive.Lemon juice contains citric acid. When you apply lemon juice to your teeth, it erodes the enamel on the surface of the teeth. This may temporarily remove stains. But over time, the acid may erode the enamel until it exposes the yellow dentin underneath. The teeth may become sensitive to hot and cold temperatures or to certain kinds of foods

Precautions: If you choose to use lemon juice to whiten your teeth, be sure to rinse the juice off after brushing and don’t do it frequently. Always consult a dentist before putting anything into your mouth