Staying healthy during the summer months requires more than just eating the right foods. Below is a partial list of things to do that will help you stay cool and healthy during the hot summer months.While summer usually brings lots of opportunities for playing outdoors and having fun in the sun, it can also bring a threat of heat and sun related injuries. As temperatures outside rise during summer months, so does the risk for dehydration, heat exhaustion and sunstroke

Drink plenty of water. It is very important to drink water. Your body needs water to prevent dehydration during warm summer days. Take special care to make sure infants and toddlers drink enough water. They can become dehydrated much more easily than adults.

 Do not smoke – The risk of lung cancer or other smoking related diseases is high. In America over 300,000 people each year die from smoking related diseases. Three quarters of all deaths caused by bronchitis are due to smoking.You know exercise is important but you do not want to go to the gym – sounds reasonable. Your body repairs itself at night. However being in bed for 13 hours does not guarantee that you had a good nights sleep. To ensure your sleep is good, the temperature of the room should be just below body temperature. The bed clothes should be clean and light and noise should be limited.

Eat light meals that are healthy, nutritional and easy to digest. Summer is a great opportunity to eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, and salads. Avoid eating heavy, spicy or starchy meals that can make you feel tired and sluggish.

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Wear light-colored, lightweight, and comfortable clothes. Remember that light-colored clothes reflect sun’s heat from your body while dark-colored clothes attract and absorb it. Choose loose-fitting and lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen to help you stay cooler during hot weather.

Don’t forget to include sunglasses and a hat in your summer wardrobe. Select sunglasses that block ultraviolet rays and have a wraparound style that prevents sunlight from shining into your eyes. Choose comfortable summer hat that provides plenty of shade and offers protection from sun.