Many amongst us love dancing. Ever wondered, what makes dancing so popular and joyful? The answer to this is straightforward and uncomplicated. Dancing not only helps in maintaining physical health but it also keeps us healthy mentally. There are many other health and therapeutic benefits associated with dancing. As per research, it has been established that dancing helps in combating stress by enabling the body perform its routine bodily functions effortlessly.

Dancing is one of the best forms of aerobic exercises. Many of the aerobic exercises follow the dance rhythm and hence it is well appreciated and liked by one and all. Dancing is a fun-loving activity to great for maintaining fitness by burning all those extra calories that have accumulated all these years. Fat tends to get accumulated around the tummy, hips, buttocks and waistline. Shaking a leg and dancing to those wonderful hip hop songs is the secret to maintaining a perfect shape. It is a wonderful way of releasing endorphins and remaining healthy and happy. Dancing helps in controlling blood pressure levels, which is important in the long run for keeping the body healthy and free of cardiac diseases.

Working out in the gym is also a good way to shed extra calories, but we are more focused on the sweat that pours from the body. As against this, dancing is a fun filled activity wherein we experience joy and happiness. Many of the high-end gyms have introduced dance sessions and these features attract clientele. Professional dancers are hired at these fitness centres, who impart training in dance movements. Some of the dances that are introduced are the salsa, ballroom dancing and so on. Gym memberships are being purchased by many people, thanks to the introduction of dancing at many a gym.

Dance training imparted at these gyms is free of cost, and once the gym membership has been signed, check out the schedules and get started. Dance classes outside the fitness centre would be pretty expensive since one would have to shell out big money for hiring the services of a professional dance instructor. This could be one of the attractions for subscribing to gym memberships, especially by the fairer sex.

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Check out the gyms that offer free classes. It could either be dance classes, kick boxing, karate, yoga classes and so on. Hence, make sure you are getting something extra before enrolling in the gym. Fitness is not difficult to achieve. Just following discipline and some self control would enable you to hit your objective of a healthy and happy mind and body. Many gyms provide the latest state of art exercise machines and equipments. Shake a leg to the dance tunes and shed your pounds. Many amongst us would not be really good at dancing, but do not be bothered. We are here to enjoy the entire process and in the meanwhile, also lose some weight. Doesn’t it sound great – yet oh-so-simple? Have a great time dancing and forget about who is watching!

Achieve Fitness Through Discipline And Appropriate Facilities

When it comes to fitness, a body builder needs to identify superior facilities offered by a gym that suit his personality and also do full justice to body building. It is really confusing as to which one is the best in terms of the facilities offered. There is a plethora of facilities and state-of-the-art equipment in most of the gyms. Once the desires are clear, it becomes easier to identify the right gym. This is truly the right path to achieving success in fitness and body building.

First and foremost, it is imperative that practical goals are identified. The goals cannot be set sky-high. Setting achievable goals is important so that you do not lose hope midway. This makes it easier to look out for gyms and fitness centres that offer these facilities. Just rushing in without understanding your goals is not going to lead you anywhere. Routine daily exercises need to be followed and the workouts suggested by the gyms need to be carried out in a specific manner. Maintaining discipline and being focused helps in achieving your goal of weight loss. It is important that the gym provides professional trainers who encourage clients to achieve their target of achieving fitness. Inconsistency in maintaining a routine would not help you achieve success.

Many of the gyms charge heavy fees and the annual membership fees are exorbitant. Hence, it is vital that you do your research and look out for different options so that you get the best deal. Identify a fitness center that provides all the necessary facilities and also is economical and falls well within your budget. Many gyms charge a one-time down payment. People who want to do their workouts within the comforts of their home would have to set aside quite a bit of money for purchasing the requisite equipment and machines, so that they are able to use all the equipment and be successful in losing weight.

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Check out the various options before making payments. Go window shopping and check out whether the gym delivers what they promise. Other important points that need to be given consideration are the hygiene facilities, cleanliness, professional trainers, type of equipment and so on. Once there is enough evidence that all the facilities are provided by the gym, go ahead and make the payment. Supportive and cooperative gym staff also have a lot to do with your success. It is important that the staff extends their full cooperation and goes that extra step to help their clients in achieving their weight loss goal.

The commuting distance has a bearing on your fitness regime. If the time taken to reach the place of the fitness centre is more than the actual time spent, then it is advised to look out for gyms within your locality and close to your place of residence. Gyms should ideally be within easy walking distance so that one has the added advantage of reaching the gym without having to board a bus or a car.

Find the Dancer in You

Here are some  steps to get you started so that you can fully hear what your body is telling you.


She/He has her own unique intelligence. She/He always tells the truth.

  • Breathe consciously and deeply: Feel the oxygen move in and out and through you to all parts of your body, not just your chest.
  • Stretch deeply and luxuriously: Focus and BE with the muscles you are stretching…as thoughts come and go in your mind, let your mind know that you are spending time with your body for this moment.
  • Think like a dancer: As you move through your daily activities, think of yourself as a dancer on the stage. Feel each movement.
  • As you reach for something, be conscious not only of the goal but of the physical process of reaching for it or picking it up.
  • I encourage you to be with your body as you move through your day.
  • Get in the habit of including your body in your decision-making processes: See how your body is responding to one of your choices Notice when you and your body feel light, then you realize it is a right choice.
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How Dancing Can Make You Feel like You!

As in many activities, dance is something that is practiced over and over again.

The ballet bar is a perfect example of using repetition to achieve perfection.

No matter where in the world a ballet class is being taught, it is taught in basically the same way.

As a beginning ballet student you learn the same steps that the most advanced performer is still doing many years later. Every day.

Standing at the ballet bar you hear the same instructions, over and over. Pull up, straighten your knees, bend from the hip, stretch out – over and over and over again. From beginner to advanced. There is a purpose to saying the same thing over and over again. It is to assist you in building a strong base that will allow you to ”fly” later. It is to help you learn what is important and what is not necessary.

A beginner dancer uses every part of her body to do even a small movement and that is why a beginner often appears awkward. The polished dancer uses only what is necessary. A dancer’s grace shines through in what they are not doing as much as in what they are doing.

Doing it over and over again you learn to let go of what is not necessary to achieve the movement. It is learning to balance strength and stretch in order to achieve what looks like effortless movement.