Nutritionists and doctors across the world have come up with many diets, that work fast for women and men, after a lot of research and study. The usages of these diets that work are many.Now a days, we hear words and phrases like ‘dieting’, ‘maintaining diet for fitness’, ‘eating a particular diet for weight loss’ from many people. This is a positive sign that people have understood the importance of healthy eating, and eating in right proportions, at the right time.

 A particular diet becomes popular or a standard one only when people have followed and benefit from it. However, one must be careful while following any diets and conduct a detail research, as many diets may unnecessarily be hyped as the ‘diets that work’ but would not be good for you. The best way is to consult experienced medical professionals to know about the diets that really work.

Not so Sour Grapes
Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a case of sour grapes, instead grapefruits here! In fact, grapefruits are going to help in weight loss. Confused? Let me elaborate. Well, the diet I want to mention is grapefruit diet! It is a 10-day weight loss diet and aims at long term weight loss. Fundamentally grapefruit works as a catalyst for stimulating calorie burning in this diet which focuses on high protein content. The person doing this diet has to consume eggs fried in butter, bacon, meat or fish prepared in any way. This has to be accompanied by salad, red, green or yellow vegetables and tomato juice. The person should not ideally eat between meals and starch and sugars are a complete no no.

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Bitter ‘Sweet’ Truth:Talking of fast diets that really work, glycemic index diet, especially good for diabetics is one of them. It focuses on and works by controlling the consumption of usual carbohydrates. Instead, it promotes consumption of low GI carbohydrates. That is because it stabilizes the insulin and glucose levels in the blood. A few fruits and vegetables; whole grains such as oats, barley, and bran, basmati rice, pasta; chick peas, plain yogurt and skim milk are some of the things a person can have under this diet. This is one of those easy fast diets that work.

Diet – The Celeb Style:Primarily a liquid, this is what has been named as Hollywood diet. It is one of those extremely popular fad diets amongst diets that work fast for women and free. The basic plan is not to eat for 38 hours and only have a nutrient rich drink, to fulfill the body’s requirements of vitamins and minerals. In this diet plan, you drink an 8 ounce drink containing of 4 ounces of water and 4 ounces of the juice. The drink has to be slowly sipped over a four hour period. By keeping sipping it gradually, hunger pains are kept at bay. You do this for two days, four times a day. Then you have to drink 4 ounces of water. This diet drink is made up of soy milk, orange and cranberry juices, yogurt, wheat germ oil, and flaxseed oil. You can get the recipe on the internet, without spending a penny!

Medifast Diet: The medifast diet will consist of five meals and will include food items like cooked poultry, seafood, salad cups, raw vegetables and vegetables which have low carbohydrate contents. Do not try the medifast diet, if you are suffering from cancer and also avoid it during your pregnancy period. Nutritious and healthy snacks such as soy crisps and some soups are a striking feature of the medifast diet. With the medifast diet, your body will get the essential supplements of vitamins and will serve you as a source of primary energy. Another thing to be noted is that the medifast diet does not contain any stimulants.

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Eating healthy is the key to fat loss – not eating less. Your body needs the necessary nutrition to function daily and stimulate more of the fat burning metabolism. Sure, some diets are harder to stick to than others so maybe you’ve chosen the wrong diets!

Healthy tips to make your fat loss efforts worthwhile:

 Choose lose GI carbohydrate foods such as pasta, Dongara rice or Basmati Rica, and multi grain bread to curb hunger. And cut down the amount of added oil when preparing the meals. Remember to include veggies at each main meal – at least 5 serves of veggies a day! Use a variety of veggies and cooking methods to make veggies interesting in broth, roast, stir fry or bake.

Eat More Fiber – Fruits, vegetables, water based soups and whole-grains are high in fiber, and contains no calories. Fiber contains bulk, so when people consume it, they consume fewer calories. People on a high fiber diet are half as likely to become obese as those who eat less fiber.

Invite a Friend : although it isn’t a diet, this is a common missing ingredient that is often overlooked. Get at least one person, and preferably a lot more people, to encourage you, to keep you in line, motivate you, keep you on track. That way, you will be made accountable for your goals to these people. By doing this, you will have a greater chance of sticking to your meal plans and achieve more fat loss success.

Embrace Fat – You won’t store it if you aren’t eating too many total calories. Research shows that 50% fat are just as effective for weight loss as those that is low in fat. Fat is filling, and adds flavor to your meals – so it helps you from feeling deprived, and wanting more of other food! So go ahead, enjoy the fat in meat, dairy, avocados, olive oil and nuts. Shoot for half a gram of fat for every pound of your desired weight.

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Variety in your meal is a key. Without variety in your diet, you will lose motivation and interest. Who wants to eat the same food day in and day out! I don’t. Not only that, our bodies are very adaptive and will not respond well to repetitive meals. Therefore continual use of the same diet, will result in a plateau. To prevent this, mix up your diet on a periodical basis. A small change can make a difference to your fat loss results.