It’s the end of 2020, and the pandemic is far from getting over soon. A stressful aspect has been getting confined to your houses. Many people are dealing with the Stress and Anxiety of staying this way for almost a whole year now, and the lack of social interaction has started showing its effects. However, there are many activities that can help you better maintain mental health. 


Catching up With Your Old Friends on Social Media  

Catching up with friends from school or university can be healthy for you. It can divert your mind from the ongoing pandemic and get you some laughs. You can add your group to WhatsApp groups or other types of group chats. Friends from my university did the same, and we are having a great time. If you feel like it, you can also have them on a group call. No matter how you contact them, it is sure to make you happier and can be a really good activity. 

Call Your Parents

During childhood, we used to tell our parents, especially mothers, about all the things that were stressing us. Whether those were stress related to studies or anything else. But we have reached the grownup stage; we lost that type of bonding. So, why not call your parents and ask them how things are for them. Some of us were never close to our parents, to begin with, because of different factors at that time. But now, we have all the time to focus on the betterment of our relationships. So, why not make this time count. 

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Trying New Healthy Recipes 

Food is a mood lifter and makes you feel better again in no time. But when you are making it yourself, the experience is even better. YouTube has a lot of cooking content on it where you can see recipes and complete methods of making appetizing dishes. Before the pandemic, the routine was so hectic that you couldn’t find time for it. But now you have time for these. 

Besides, you can have the restaurant experience for yourself and your loved ones in a more hygienic and healthier way. Whatever you, just do not get hooked on cola or some other beverage rich in sugars and caffeine. That stuff messes you up.

Binge the Series You Never Had Time to Watch Before

Another way of engaging yourself is by binging your favorite series. Make yourself some popcorn, get comfy in a blanket, and start binging whatever you like. You can watch a season you missed before because of your studies or job. That could be some anime, season, series of movies, or documentaries. Also, trying out the suggestions of your friends can be a good idea as well if you have already watched your favorites. Experimenting with new genres can also be a nice change. If you are not single and your partner is around, that can make the whole thing more fun than it already is.

Start Reading Books

Reading books may not seem fun at all for non-readers. Yet, it can be the favorite activity of many others as well. But if you thought about reading books and you don’t know where to get started, you can join a book club. That will let you socialize with new people, and will also keep you motivated. The other members can suggest their favorites. 

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Workout at Home  

Workout and exercise are something we have been avoiding and have been putting the blame on work routine and other stuff. Now you finally have time to focus on your fitness. You can do yoga or other exercises at home. Also, investing in equipment like dumbbells and exercise is also a great idea. 

If you can stay motivated during the pandemic, you can get in better shape when the whole coronavirus crisis is over. 

Learn a New Skill 

You can also get equipped with better skills when you return to your job by investing your time in learning new skills. There are many courses you can take, including learning how to code, bookkeeping, digital marketing, and many others. Many online platforms, like Udemy and EDX, are offering free and paid courses. 

To summarize things, there’s a lot you can do during the quarantine. So, instead of stressing about the situation and making yourself anxious, it is best if you work on yourself. Worrying won’t get you anywhere, but working on yourself does.