Exercise is good for the body as well as the psyche, according to scads of scientific research. But here’s a new wrinkle. If you listen to music while exercising, your brain will probably work better too. There’s nothing more motivating than having great music to exercise to. If you’re looking for fitness music, you’ve come to the right place. These resources will help you find the perfect music for your workouts.

The most popular forms of entertainment while exercising include music and television. Most health clubs these days even have cardio theatre which integrates audio visual TV and music videos with personalized headsets for members to enjoy their favourite show or music channel of choice. For those whose health clubs do not, the next most popular choice is a personalized music set either a walkman, Discman or MP3 player.

Be more aware of the background music playing in your health club while training. Music should be more upbeat, with a faster tempo to increase exercise performance and maximise energy expenditure.
Slower, more relaxing music, such as natural landscapes decreases one’s fitness potential capacity, which in turn will facilitate cool down activities and mind body exercises like stretching, Yoga and Pilates. All in all, there is definite evidence that listening to music enhances exercise performance, allowing for faster achievement of your exercise and fitness goals, improved adherence to exercise, relaxation and a general improvement in physical and mental wellbeing.

Stop the Boring Workouts !

If you don’t enjoy working out, you’ll have a hard time keeping up doing something boring. Next thing you know, you’ve gained some more weight. No, you don’t need stronger willpower. What you need is exciting workouts, and this site has some free stuff for you to help make that happen.

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The general idea is to combine the music you like, playing at perfect sync with your workout pace during your workout, be it running, aerobics, whatever.