The idea of exercise can be a daunting one, especially for new moms. Being a full-time mom is demanding work and babies can make it even more so, but that doesn’t mean that exercise has to be completely out of the question. In fact, if approached in the right way, mothers can bond with their babies while working out and getting the exercise they need to stay fit and healthy.

There are countless ways for mothers and their babies to exercise. While going to a traditional gym may be out of the question, with enough creativity, it is easy enough to come up with some excellent workout routines.

Kegels are a fantastic move that can be performed just about any time, whether nursing the baby, walking around the room, or even when changing the baby’s diaper. Doing Kegels are simple and help to strengthen the pelvic floor. To do them, simply contract the muscle used to stop the flow of urine and hold for several seconds.

Walking is another form of exercise that can be done just about anytime. Mothers should take advantage of the time used nursing and rocking their baby to sleep. Walking around the room or around the house is an easy way to get some exercise time in. Once the baby is old enough, moms can hit the streets using a stroller. There are even stroller routines mothers can do to help strengthen and tone different muscle groups.

There are also several forms of exercise that can be done while babies are sitting on the floor with a toy or two. Mothers can get limber by taking time to stretch during the day. By keeping the stretches gentle, women can avoid injury and achieve gradual flexibility.

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Yoga is another form of exercise that can be done with babysitting nearby. Because it isn’t a chaotic form of exercise and doesn’t require jumping or bouncing around, the baby will be perfectly content sitting in his or her bouncer and watching mom tap into her inner serenity. Plus, yoga is a great way to relax after a busy day.

For music lovers, dancing around the house with a baby in tow is another way for women to work out and spend time with their baby simultaneously. Studies also show that exposing babies to music and dancing at an early age could play a major role in their love of music later on in life. It can also help to develop motor skills and cognitive skills.

If doing workouts at home doesn’t do the trick, there are a ton of alternatives. Some gyms offer classes that help to foster relationships between mothers. Some of these classes include water aerobics class, where babies float around in specially designed ‘boats’ while the mother’s workout. This is a great form of exercise for mothers who have joint problems because the water helps to decrease body weight while still providing an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise.

Being a mom doesn’t mean that everything else needs to come second, especially when it comes to health. Staying fit and healthy is just as important to everyone else in the family as it is for moms. Not only does it set an example for everyone else, but it means that mothers will feel happier and healthier while caring for those they love.