Exercising in old age, if you haven’t done it for a while, can seem like an impossible and hard task, but with a few tricks, you’ll be “running” in no time. Exercise is a key element to longevity and what people of all ages often forget is that they should have patience. Any kind of exercise or activity should always be done slowly. We should always listen to our body signals and start slow and gentle.

Building strength, improving flexibility, and increasing stamina can all be achieved by incorporating some simple day to day activities like regular walking or cycling. We will also take into consideration people with knee arthritis and what can they do each day to help them relieve pain, release some tension, and stay active.

Senior friends exercising outdoors

Without further ado here are some simple exercise routines for people in the golden age!

Morning Cardio

Although different people have different morning routines there is no doubt that engaging in some kind of cardio from the start of the day can be beneficial in many ways for a person. Cardiovascular activities make sure your heart stays strong which reduces the risk of a heart attack because it doesn’t need to work hard to pump blood.

Cardio burns fat and is good for maintaining weight which will decrease high cholesterol and diabetes. Cardiovascular activities also increase lung capacity and keep your blood pressure in check. Combine all of these health benefits with your daily dose of vitamin D and you will feel like a young adult again!

People and sports, elderly couple working out on treadmill in fitness gym

Best to start with simple walking several times a week. After a while, if you feel strong enough and if you have set the right pace, try to incorporate walking on some small hills. If you don’t enjoy walking that much you can always go hiking, cycling, swimming or rowing.

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Cardio with Knee Arthritis?

With the support of a hinged knee brace people who suffer from mild to moderate arthritis can feel reduced pain and pressure in the knee which can then help them enjoy some light activities. Although walking is a full weight-bearing activity it is essentially very low impact so walking several days a week can be a great way to incorporate some cardio into your routine.

Also, cycling and especially swimming are perfect exercises for the knees as they relieve pain and put absolutely no pressure on the knees. And before you decide you are up for some cardio you can do some of these knee-stretches that can also help you with releasing pain and stiffness.

A man having a knee injury

Leg Lifts

You begin by standing against a wall, then raise your leg to the side without rotating the toe to the side, keep it forward. Then lower the leg down and repeat for 15-20 times for each leg.


Start by standing straight in front of a chair. If you need to you can lean on the chair while you lift your foot off the ground, bend the knee and bring your heel toward you behind. Hold it there for a few seconds and lower your foot down. Repeat 10-25 times for each leg.

Leg Cross

You begin by sitting on your mat on the floor and crossing your ankles over each other while contracting the thighs. Hold to 10-30 seconds and then switch sides. You can do up to four sets for each side.

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Clam Position

Begin by placing your mat on the floor and lie down on one side. Bend your hips and knees to 90 degrees with each body part being aligned and keep your feet together. Then lift the top knee as fast as possible and then slowly lower it. Keep it that way for 3-5 seconds and repeat 10-25 for each side.

Hamstrings Stretch

Place your mat on the floor and lie down on your back with your legs being outstretched. Then bend your right knee and the back of your thigh with both hands and gently pull your leg toward your chest. Then straighten your leg toward the ceiling as much as possible and bend your knee again and outstretch it. Repeat it 5-10 times for each leg.

Other Gentle Exercises

Apart from walking, cycling and swimming there is no reason why you shouldn’t sign up for a class and exercise with people your age and maybe even meet some new people. Because some people like to be in some company while exercising and there are plenty of exercise routines for seniors that can be a lot of fun and very gentle and relaxing.

Senior couple exercising together in the park

Thai chi, for instance, is one of those exercise routines. Thai chi is a very gentle exercise that can help seniors improve their balance and decrease the chances of falling. It improves muscle strength, balance, and flexibility, boosts cognitive function, and improves sleep quality. Thai chi consists of making slow and very graceful movements while breathing deeply and calmly.

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Yoga is another great form of exercise routine that can help you improve balance, flexibility, and increase strength while making slow, steady, and graceful movements. And through deep breathing exercises, you also expand your lungs and become calmer.

Dancing is also a great way to stay fit, improve balance and flexibility, and makes your muscles much stronger. Dancing is also a great way to meet new people and just have fun while listening to some great music and learning new dance steps.


Whatever form of exercise you choose remember to always consult with your doctor or physician first. When they give you their blessings you can enjoy any of these great activities that will certainly help you improve balance, flexibility, and stamina.