Women of all ages love to receive perfumes as gifts which can be enjoyed everyday, all round the year. Perfumes give a women an extra look of elegance and has now become a fashion statement. Most men will wear a fragrance which they received as a gift from a friend or relative. Although the person buying it liked the smell from the bottle or how it smelt on someone else, it may not be the right smell for the man they bought it for.

Studies have showed that the same fragrance will give off different smells on different people. This is because of how the individual’s body chemistry reacts with the fragrance. Therefore to choose the right aftershave, it must be tried it on first. For best results the fragrance should be applied to the skin (wrist, neck, behind the ears) and not on clothes.  The dark red flacon, is inspired by a Cartier brooch. It is gorgeous and glistens like a jewel. The fragrance features frozen Morella cherry, bergamot, pink, white and yellow jasmine, pink pepper, freesia, violet, Tonka beans, amber and sandalwood. Organza features cinnamon, cedar, patchouli, vanilla and amber notes.

Best Perfumes For Women

Before buying a perfume, make sure you don’t rush into the whole purchasing procedure. There are mainly two distinct things to be considered about women’s perfumes: the bottle and the fragrance. If it is a gift, then keep in mind that the fragrance is nice and the bottle represents something special to her. While selecting for yourself it is important to know where you are going to wear it. Are you looking for a gift for the special lady in your life, or are you a woman who wants to treat herself to something nice? Choosing perfume can be a real challenge, particularly when you don’t have a discerning nose or much experience around perfume. Many of the descriptions and reviews can be pretty nonsensical to the layperson. They use that weird perfume jargon that only makes sense to people who are into these things. But don’t fret over your decision.A lot of people want the best perfumes available, and many people are also brand crazy. The top perfumes for women are listed below:

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Delices de Cartier by Cartier: It is an appropriate fragrance gift for women of all ages.

Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez: It is a best perfume gift choice for mature, adult women. Women who like soft, musky, fruity fragrance will love this perfume.

Princess by Vera Wang: It is one of the most popular perfumes that goes best with women or girls from ages 13 – 25.

Island Michael Kors by Michael Kors: It is a feminine and seductive perfume having white floral fragrance. It is an ageless fragrance gift for adult women who like soft.

Hanae Mori Butterfly by Hanae Mori: It has a warm, sexy, slightly spicy fragrance enjoyed by adult, mature women. It can be an amazing fragrance choice for women who like vanilla scents with a hint of spice

Pour Femme by Dolce & Gabbana – Pour Femme is one of those crisp and fruity perfumes that starts out strong, but it really earns its status with a sustained, sensuous subtlety that lasts all day long. While it’s perfect for special occasions, and some women like to keep it around to use only rarely, it’s also great for everyday use. This versatility is what makes it one of the best perfumes for women. If you want to give perfume as a gift, you don’t have to think too much about this one. It’s one of those one-size-fits-all perfumes that every woman should love. The bottle is attractive, too.

Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein – Not to be confused with CK’s Obsession, which is another good scent from 1985, this newer scent is one of the best flowery fragrances for women with exotic tastes. This is one of those sexy fragrances that doesn’t have to try too hard. It’s not overtly sweet or musky; it achieves its sexiness with its unique, mysterious character and the slight, seductive bitterness surrounding its floral heart.

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Princess by Vera Wang – Princess is the best perfume for younger women, particularly teenagers and women in their early 20s. The scent was designed for this demographic, and, characteristic of Vera Wang’s usual high class and perfectionism, it does the job beautifully. It’s a light, sweet scent that requires only a couple of sprays to last all day long. While it is one of the best perfumes for women in their early 20s, I’d say it’s optimal for girls aged 16-18, which makes it perfect as a gift for little sisters or for you younger guys to give your girlfriends.

Chanel – Chanel’s perfumes are famous for their class. They’re perfect for women of all ages who want a scent to compliment their best outfits. It’s full but restrained, and it unfolds beautifully over the course of an evening. If you want the woman in your life to feel like a glamorous classic film star, this scent will do the trick.

Hanae Mori Butterfly by Hanae Mori – This one can be a little bit difficult to find, but if you can get your hands on a small bottle, it’s one of the best perfumes for woman who enjoy a mix of high fashion and traditional class. With a rare mix of berry and flower, this scent is not particularly overpowering, although it’s definitely one of the top compliment