Excuses are the bane of the human existence.

We make them everyday to try to convince ourselves and those around us that we legitimately meant to go their niece’s birthday party, vacuum the carpet or get to work on time. In the end, we’re not fooling anyone, though. And, we’re really only hurting ourselves. If you think your excuses are working — you’re wrong. They aren’t.

Worst of all, we’ll make every excuse we can muster to get out of working out. We’ll lie to ourselves, to our trainers, even to our mothers if that gets us out of going to the gym.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Making excuses for not working out is more stressful than just actually working out. Honestly. Have a look at these common excuses, why they’re just not true and what you can do to stop making them and start making good on your (so far) empty promises of getting healthier.

1)      I’m Dieting So I Don’t Need To Work Out: This excuse is astoundingly false. Diet and exercise work better hand in hand. Diets also aren’t really a great idea in the sense that going on a faddish new eating plan where you only consume wheatgrass and pinecones is totally not sustainable. If you’re dieting like this, stop. Instead, switch out the unhealthy foods in your life for healthier ones, and do so gradually. You’ll naturally develop a taste for healthier foods. Additionally, your workout might not be burning all the calories you think. An average person only burns about 100 calories a mile, meaning that the slice of cheesecake you ate is not negated by a 2 mile run. Exercise is still important, though, as dieting doesn’t improve your cardiovascular and muscular strength in the same way that a good old-fashioned workout does.

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2)      I’m Too Busy: Life can sometimes feel like it’s all about fulfilling other people’s obligations. Working, volunteering, spending time with Grandma, buying a friend dinner — it all starts to add up. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and skimp out on workouts. However, working out actually decreases your stress level and does your body a tremendous amount of good. You’re always doing things for other people, so why not take time out for yourself? Your health is important and you shouldn’t short change yourself.

3)      I’m Always Moving or Traveling: Staying fit on the go can be hard to do. But if you have time to plan trips, sell a house, buy a house, pack up, hire moving companies and move or travel cross-country, you can at least spare a 30-minute cardio workout here and there. Take advantage of a quick run to see your new locale, interact with people, find your way around and see the sights first hand. Most hotels are equipped with a workout center, and if you’ve moved to a new city, a simple Yelp search or inquiry of a neighbor can point you in the right direction.


4)      I’m Not In Good Enough Shape To Workout: This excuse can seem valid for someone who has never exercised. You might see the people running marathons on TV and think, “I can’t do that!” And, while you probably can’t run a marathon right off the bat, there are still workouts that everyone can do. Starting off with lower intensity or low-impact workouts like walking, cycling at slow pace, water aerobics or using an elliptical trainer can help you start to get in shape. Any workout that helps you reach your target heart rate and maintain it is excellent for your cardiovascular strength!

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 So stop making your excuses and get out there! Don’t wait until the New Year; don’t wait until you find the right water bottle or the perfect pair of workout pants. In the words of Nike, just do it.