Having stepped in your sixties, is life turning difficult for you after seeing your head go bald? You have tried everything but to no avail. You have already invested a handsome amount and now you feel depressed that life didn’t do you any good after seeing yourself in the mirror. Hair issues are widespread amongst people who have aged. Both men and women find it tough to deal with hair fall issues which lead to balding and thinning. You don’t need to feel low, because life has something more special for you.

Hair Loss for those in their sixties

Reports say that in males who have turned 60 or more, the aromatase and androgen receptor levels remain lower at the scalp region compared to other parts of the body. This results in balding or thinning at the frontal or the occipital area. Hormonal imbalance or lower secretion of hormones often leads to such pitiful state.

Often improper reactions of the thyroid gland lead to massive hair fall in individuals. Hypothyroidism results in reduced activity of the gland. It can be treated if proper medication is rendered.

Folic Acid and how it helps treat hair fall in older men

What causes hair loss? Well it is caused due to reduced flow of blood and nutrients to roots of hair. Scalp infection and other internal factors also contribute to hair loss. You have just read somewhere that fold acid helps restore good health of hair and prevents you from going bald or suffer from hair thinning.

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Folic acid which is also referred to as vitamin B-9 assists in facilitating blood circulation and nutrients to hair roots. Stress is a major constraint that enhances hair loss. Folic acid is a rescuer and gives a healthy boost to hair strands.

It is also necessary that you seek a healthy lifestyle to avoid balding.  Add foods that are enriched with vitamin B-9 to your dietary regime. Deficiency in folic acid causes tremendous hair fall. It is said that every day you body requires 400 micrograms of folic acid. Vitamin B-9 helps avoid scalp damage and strictly prevents balding or thinning of hair. It restores growth of hair and induces new hair to grow. Countering hair fall issues is not a problem when you add enough folic acid to your diet.

Grow old majestically and don’t let fears of losing hair disturb you in any way. be happy with a fuller head and feel young.

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