MASSAGE A MAN & How to Give a Full Body Massage to a Man

 How to Massage a Man

A man’s muscles take a beating, whether he works at a construction site, exercises hard or simply is sore from yard work they all hurt. A tense upper body makes nearly every part of daily life more difficult. Sometimes the only way to cure this problem is by giving him a deep massage. A good massage can unlock tense muscles in the shoulder and back.


  1. Step 1

Begin by working on the shoulders. Using just the tips of your fingers, grab onto the meatiest part of the man’s shoulders while you sit behind him or he lies on a bed. Dig your fingers into the shoulder muscles and squeeze in a rhythmic pattern. Slowly move up and down the shoulder and massage all the muscles. This pinching will loosen tight muscles.

  1. Step 2

Move to the neck second. The neck receives the most strain on the sides that run from the ears to the shoulders. Focus on this part of the neck next. Massage with your fingers the same way you did the shoulder, only do not use as much force. The neck muscles are thinner and rigorous massage may hurt the person giving the massage.

  1. Step 3

Drop your focus to the upper back. The most stressed part of the upper back are the shoulder blades. You can recognize these by the pointy bones coming out the back. Work your fingers around this spot and toward the spine. The shoulder blades take a beating, as they are the fulcrum point for much lifting.

  1. Step 4

Flow your massage down to the lower back, namely the small of the back. This is the spot above the spine, a little higher than the tailbone. Apply your same techniques here.

  1. Step 5

Finish your massage by working the arms gently. Give the upper arms a soft massage to loosen them.

How to Give a Full Body Massage to a Man

Massage is an important part of a man’s physical health. Stress and daily wear and tear on a man’s body cause pressure points to build up in joints and around muscles. You should massage a man’s body on a weekly or twice-monthly basis in order to provide him with the tension relief he needs to keep his body healthy.



  1. Step 1

Lay your man flat on his stomach on a massage table or bed. Position yourself near him, so you have easy access to his back, legs, knees and arms. These are the spots on a man that typically need to most attention for massage.

  1. Step 2

Rub his back with the palms and fingers of your hands. Rub under and around his shoulder blades and ribs. Apply pressure with your arms and body onto his back muscles in order to loosen them.

  1. Step 3

Feel for any knots in his back. These are the pressure points that you will want to focus on most. When you find a knot, rub it gently with the palm of your hand. Slowly apply an increased amount of pressure to the knot, until you loosen the knot and it disappears. It could take 10 minutes or so to cause a knot to disappear.

  1. Step 4

Apply pressure to his legs in the same manner you did with his back. A typical point of tension for a man is the area on the back of the legs immediately above his knees. Rub gently and gradually increase the pressure you apply on this area. Massage his calves, thighs and feet in the same manner.

  1. Step 5

Ask him to roll over, so he is lying on his back. Ask him to tilt his head up, so there is space between the massage table or bed and his neck. Stand behind his head and place both hands under his neck. Apply a slight amount of pressure to the muscles in the back of his neck. Locate each joint in his neck bones and apply a slight amount of pressure.

  1. Step 6

Massage the man’s arms by starting with his shoulders, moving toward his biceps, elbows, forearms and hands. Rub the arms with the palms of your hands gently at first and then applying an increased amount of pressure.

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