Everyone thinks they have some sort of figure flaw. it doesn’t matter if you are a famous actress, movie star, runway model, or stay-at-home mom, people are usually very critical about their own body.There are many common figure flaws that can easily be fixed with the type of clothes you wear.

Minimize Hips and Other Casualties of Being Pear Shaped
If your hips have caused you years of tears, then buck up and start dressing around them. The following tips will allow you to minimize the pear shape that you have been cursing since puberty.There are millions of women in this world who are unhappy with their hips and butt. Most women will walk away from a store purchase because it makes their butt look too big. However, if you wear blazer jackets that cover half of your butt, it will make your backside look smaller. Also, make sure you always wear longer sleeves to more evenly distribute your weight with the eye.

  • Skirts: Fuller, below-the-knee skirts conceal wider hips. Avoid high-waisted pencil skirts and opt for A-line styles and skirts with hemline details, which balance your shape.
  • Trousers: Sport fuller, wide-leg pants. Avoid cropped pants, which make your legs look shorter.
  • Dresses: Well defined waists with fuller skirts can hide a multitude of sins! Try strapless or V-neck styles to draw the eye upward and away from your lower half.
  • Jackets: Damn those shrunken-style jackets that are so in right now! They only draw attention to hips and backsides. Stick to longer jackets that camouflage the hip area.
  • Tops/Sweaters: Whenever possible, go with halter styles and boat necks, which create the illusion of broader shoulders. So do cardigans with horizontal stripes. Steer clear of clingy or tight tops.
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Large Breasts
Although some women would give anything for a little bit larger breasts, those with large breasts just want to hide them. The best type of dress to wear with a large bust is a cinched-waist dress. If you are wearing shirts, try to avoid tight and clingy material. Jackets and sweaters that are unfitted look the best on large breasted women.

Slim the Stomach Area

Not that diet and exercise aren’t good for you, but sometimes cutting down on the cheesecake just isn’t enough to get rid of that tummy you have had since, well, birth. Whether you have just had a baby, or have a difficult time losing that tummy weight, there are a few fashion ideas you can use to hide your flaw. Long shirts, blouses, and jackets do wonders for a protruding tummy. As a matter of fact, they can make you tummy virtually disappear.

Long Neck
A long neck can be a beautiful attribute. However, if you have a long neck and are not comfortable with showing it off, there are a few things you can do to hide it. Turtlenecks, and high collared shirts can either enhance or hide a long neck.

Long Arms
Long arms are another feature that can be beautiful and feminine. However, if arms are not portrayed correctly with fashion, they can look gangly. The best things to wear for long arms are rolled up sport shirts. However, if you need something a bit fancier, make sure you always buy shirts that have the correct sleeve length. If you wear a shirt with sleeves that are too short, it will make you arms look even longer.

Create Height

You can only add so many inches with high heels. It’s true they look great, are slimming and make you feel taller, but they also absolutely kill your feet. When you want to give your tootsies a break, try these tricks.

  • Trousers: Finding pants that make you look taller is easy. Long, wide-leg trousers lengthen legs. Pinstripes and front creases are also flattering for those who could use a few more inches.
  • Skirts: Short skirts will make all women look taller. They don’t have to be minis; just-above-the-knee lengths work too. If you’re “vertically challenged,” longer skirts will make you look like you are standing in a hole.
  • Dresses: Empire-waist dresses lengthen your bottom half. Try above-the-knee lengths here as well.
  • Tops: Drop V-necks with a vertical stripe create the look of a longer torso. Long slim sweaters will also make you look longer.
  • Jackets: Keep ’em short and sweet. Longer jackets will make you look shorter.
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Create Curves in All the Right Places

So you’re still waiting to “develop” are you? Well, stop waiting and start creating. Make your own curves for Pete’s sake.

  • Jackets: The term “nip and tuck” isn’t just reserved for plastic surgery. Tapered jackets can accentuate bustlines and waistlines.
  • Skirts: Pair a full skirt with a long top and add a ribbon belt to create a waist. Belted skirts with pockets create the same effect.
  • Tops: Fitted bodices create a super-sexy shape. Shop for V-necks and scoop necks as well.
  • Dresses: Cinch a belt at the waist over a dress for instant curves

Tips to help you to find figure flaw hiding dresses!

  • Baggy is not better. Whoever thought that wearing lots of baggy clothing was going to help you to look thinner was just wrong. The bottom line is that you will look, well, worse if you wear clothing that is too big for you. Instead, look for a dress that it not tight to your body, but comfortable and well fitting. Really, this can make a huge difference.
  • If you know that your top is bigger, find a dress that is going to be looser on the top and more form fitting on the bottom. There are many of these dresses offered today. If you have a large chest, you want that to stand out and not the bit of a bump at your belly.
  • If you have a bigger bottom, a dress that is form fitting at the waist but flowing under will help you to look great. It will help to hide the flaws considerably. You do not want it to be baggy, but flowing. On top, you can have a tighter fitting top, possibly showing off the top part of your body.
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When you have figure flaws, you should do whatever it takes to hide them a bit behind your beautiful clothing. One thing is for sure. A woman that really does take the time to have a well thought out and picked out outfit is going to look better than anything that just threw something on. In fact, if you purchase clothing based on your figure flaws, you will look astonishing and will even dazzle yourself in the meantime.

 Luckily, there are plenty of styles on the mark that can give you this great look quickly and easily. Take some time to try a few on and you will soon see your figure flaws melting away. It is not easy, but with a bit of help, you can look amazing even thought you do have a few flaws here and there.