Everybody in the world is fond of white skin and is ready to do anything to get the skin whiter. Even fairer skin people put their best efforts to keep their skin tone whiter.There are many ways to whiten the skin. There are plenty of treatments, creams and lotions available for skin whitening, which are meant not only for those who have darker complexion but also even for those who gets darker complexion because of sun tan, age or pollution. Darker skin has more production of melanin a substance in body, which makes the skin appear darker.

You may have dark skin for various reasons, and may want to bleach it:

Heredity – Dark skin is a trait that is usually passed down the generations.

Hyper-pigmentation – You may be suffering from hyper-pigmentation, which means that your skin is producing larger quantities of melanin, the skin pigment, causing your skin to turn darker.

Skin disorders – You might be suffering from a skin disorder called Lichen Simplex Chronicus. This can be very itchy and also makes the skin patchy and dark.

Sun’s rays – exposure to the sun’s rays leads to darkening of the skin. This is the body’s way of producing more melanin and protecting itself from the ultra-violet rays which are harmful.

Home remedies to whiten the skin-certain home made packs and remedies are really helpful in giving you a lighter and whiter complexion.

  • Dry orange peels in sun. When they are fully dried, grind them in a mixture and make powder. Add raw milk to it, make a paste and apply it on your skin everyday. Rinse it off with lukewarm water when dries. It’s tested pack for skin whitening.
  •  Make a paste by grinding a few fresh mint leaves. Apply on the face for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water.
  • Take sandalwood powder, add lemon juice, tomato juice, cucumber juice to it, make a paste and apply on the skin till it dries to get a brighter, lighter and even skin tone.
  • Gram flour has whitening agents to it. Take 2 spoonfuls of gram flour; add a pinch of turmeric to it, few drops of lemon juice and few drops of milk cream. Make it a paste and apply on the skin. When it dries scrub it off. It can be applied all over the body everyday.
  • Soak almonds in water overnight. Peel them off in the morning. Make a paste and add honey to it. Apply it on face and scrub it off when dries to make skin whiter and glowing.
  • Potatoes have bleaching agents in them their juice is quite helpful in giving an even skin tone. Reduce pigmentation and blemishes. It can be applied on the skin everyday to get it whiter.
  • Tomato is a wonderful natural bleach. You can puree some tomato, mix a few drops of lime juice in it and apply the mixture to your face. Do this daily for about 15 days for visible effects.
  • Lime juice is a very good bleaching agent. You can mix it with a pinch of turmeric powder and apply to your face.
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Bleach Recipe:

Things You’ll Need:

Lemon ,Mint leaves ,Honey ,Milk  ,Orange peel ,Mulberry leaf extract ,Facial cream . 

  1. Step 1

    Make a lemon and mint infusion by bringing two cups of water to boil in a heavy saucepan and adding a handful of fresh mint leaves. Remove the mixture from the heat and cover it, allowing it to cool to room temperature.

  2. Step 2

    Strain the mixture when cool and add the juice of one whole lemon. Apply this natural skin bleach liberally to your face and body. Saturate a clean washcloth in the mixture, squeezing out the excess. Place the washcloth over your face when lying down for 20 minutes. Save the leftover mixture in the refrigerator for up to one week.

  3. Step 3

    Make a soothing honey, lemon and milk skin-lightening conditioner by combining the juice of one lemon with one tablespoon of honey and one teaspoon of powdered milk. Heat the mixture in the microwave for 10 seconds and stir to dissolve the powdered milk. When cool, apply liberally to your face and neck, leaving it on for 20 minutes before rinsing off.

  4. Step 4

Save the peels from oranges and scrub them under hot water to remove any pesticide residue. Allow them to dry in small pieces on a sunny windowsill. When they are completely dry, pulverize them with a mortar and pestle. Combine this powder with a few drops of milk to make a paste and apply to your face. Leave the mixture on your skin for up to one hour before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water.

5.       Step 5

Make your own skin bleaching night cream by adding three drops of mulberry leaf extract to one-quarter cup of inexpensive facial cream. Choose a water-based cold cream by making sure water is one of the first few ingredients on the label. Stir the mixture thoroughly and store in a dark glass jar. Use as you would any night cream.