A correct posture should always be maintained for a proper body frame.Wrong postures can lead to joint pains,backaches and sprains.
You can correct your posture and get rid of many problems easily.


Sitting:Always sit with your tummy tucked in.The hips should touch the base of the couch,chair or bed.The back should be adequately supported and if you are working on a computer,give adequate space to your hands.They should not be crammed.If you have a neck pain or shoulder pain,try keeping your shoulders down while sitting rather than keeping them high

Standing:Stand straight with your stomach in.Avoid bending down from the waist while you pick up things or clean the floor.Always sit or squat while doing so.This will prevent backaches.

Taking rest:Never sleep or take rest on a couch.The surface of the couch might not be comfortable for your back.Always rest or sleep on a bed.Do not watch TV while lying on the couch.This will strain your neck and probably the entire body.The surface of the couch does not conform to your body correctly.Besides,the lack of space on the couch will strain your back.

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