Men’s casual clothing would probably consist of sweats, sweats, and more sweats if it were up to us—pure comfort. But your wardrobe includes more than just sweats because you recognize that, at some point, you’ll want a woman to think you’re so sexy she’ll take off her clothes.

seems as though it’s a more important issue for women, but the fashion of casual clothing is actually a more important issue for guys. Think about it, when was the last time you thought, “That purse is ugly. I’d never sleep with her.” But women look at men everyday and think, “He looks like a dork. I hope he doesn’t talk to me.” And that dork might be you. Your clothing has everything to do with whether or not you get your foot in the door—and that’s the first step in getting other parts of you in other places.

The average guy is average looking, makes an average buck, and has average taste in fashion. But he’s competing with men who are not only really good-looking and make a lot of money, but also have all the right clothes. To compete, the average man can work out, have cosmetic surgery, and struggle to climb the corporate ladder, but nothing will improve his chances faster and easier than a stylish wardrobe.

And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Forget the $500 shirts and $1,500 watches in men’s magazines. Most women don’t care about how much you spend on your clothes, as long as you look good. And all you need are a few basic pieces to look good in any casual setting. Adding a few accessories will tweak your look, providing more options within you wardrobe. It’s about flexibility. And this flexibility will give you a broader appeal—and more options with more women.

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Men’s Casual Clothing Tip: Build a Foundation of “Basics”
Start with a solid foundation of basics, some of which you probably already have. So what are basics? Well, think of them as the men’s casual clothing equivalent of the four food groups: jeans, pants, T-shirts and button-down shirts. But there is a fashion—even to basics—and some of your old stand-bys may have to go into forced retirement. Today, men’s fashion is much more fitted than it used to be. Those jeans you bought eight years ago probably aren’t the epitome of style they once were. Resolve to keep your wardrobe of basics up to date. Once you’ve establshed a solid foundation, maintaining your basics should be relatively easy. You’ll only need to buy a few items each year to stay in step.

When teamed with a few well-chosen accessories, these basics will allow you to move from scene to scene. One night you’re hanging out with mangy disaffected hipsters. The next night you’re partying like a drunken frat boy at a Jimmy Buffett concert—possibly wearing the same T-shirt and jeans both nights. (But try to wash ’em between wearings, guys.)

Men’s Casual Clothing Tip: Expand Your Options with Accessories
Once you have the basics down, use accessories to shift your look from one style to another. “Accessories” can be a foreign word to many men, so what are these marvels of men’s fashion that will turn your basics into statements of style? Simple: shoes, belts, jewelry, watches, hats, and jackets.

To illustrate, let’s start with an example that’s easy to understand—something everyone owns: jeans and a T-shirt. But to ensure maximum flexibility, imagine a plain gray T-shirt with no graphics on it. The accessories you choose will allow you to fit in a variety of circumstances.

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If you want to go for a hipster look, try a John Deere baseball cap, a cuff watch, and a pair of loud-colored Puma shoes. If you’re looking for the mainstream yuppie look, put on a baseball cap with a university logo (whichever school is popular in your area), a chunky men’s watch, a pair of black leather loafers and a clean shave.

With the right basics and accessories it’s easy—and you’ve just opened up your potential pool of dating opportunities significantly. Smart accessorizing can triple your dating options. In fact, you can bring extra accessories with you when you go bar-hopping—as you move from bar to bar, you can update your look on the fly. I use this same approach when conducting my “research” for I know from experience it works. And as you build your wardrobe of flexible basics and stylish accessories, you’ll start to feel as though there is no bar, party, or concert you could enter without feeling like you fit in.

Belt-Never wear pants without a belt when your shirt placed into your pantsuit. Match your belt with your shoes. Prefer black, dark brown or rich tan colors.

Matching Ties and Shirts-Select tie which perfectly suits on your shirt. Choose light color tie than your shirt color.
Pleats vs. Flat-front-Pleated pants not look good as that of Flat-front trousers.

Socks-Match your socks with your pant color. It is not compulsory that it is in exact color but use same shade of color. Black color suits on any colored pant and white socks are used for gym. Watches-It is one of the most important accessories of men.

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Eyeglasses-It improves your entire look and also expresses your individuality.

Shoes-Avoid basketball shoes when you are wearing narrow or slim bottoms jeans.
Belts vs. Suspenders-Suspenders should only be worn under jackets and better for trousers and never used with jeans.

Bags-Messenger bags are in fashion replacing briefcase.

Hair style-Keep your hair neatly. If you loosing hair problem then keep it small.

Hats-Use woolly hats in winter and other hats are used to keep you away from sun rays and used mostly on the beach.

Jewelry-It is simple in design but of high quality. An ancient signet or a pin with a big diamond is mostly chosen by men.

Rules for Men’s Clothing

  1. Clothes should fit you figure and purchase it after trial only. Your dress should be properly cleaned and ironed.
  2. Pants-Jeans should be perpendicular to your ankles. Office pant should be cut at peak and shouldn’t show socks when you are walking. Choose trouser which are of dark color.
  3. Suits-Dark grey suit look good on all occasion such as weddings, functions, church events etc. If you wear a full suit for a meeting it gives best impression.
  4. White Shirts-Every man should have at least two white shirts because it looks good with any combination. Prefer light colored shirt.