Protein shakes can be made with several intended uses in mind especially when used with quality muscle building supplements like the ones found on this Brutal Force review. Many people tend to categorize them as tools to help people gain weight and build lean muscle mass. However, protein shakes can also be used effectively for weight loss when made with the right ingredients. If you combine several different healthy ingredients, you’ll get a healthy, quick beverage that can greatly assist your weight loss goals.


There are many benefits to using protein shakes as a weight-loss tool. The protein in the beverage will help to keep your body feeling full, preventing snacking later in the day. Some of the other ingredients for protein shakes will help provide your body with other essential nutrients, such as antioxidants and vitamins. Additionally, starting your day with a protein shake will kick your metabolism into a high gear immediately, allowing you to burn as many calories as possible all day long.

Protein Powders : With weight loss in mind, it’s always important to eat plenty of protein that will help keep your body feeling full. However, you will not require the large doses of protein that those looking to build new muscle need. Therefore, adding in protein powder is entirely optional if you have other sources of protein in your shake. A half scoop of protein powder, which will provide upwards of 10 grams of protein while adding less than 100 calories, is more than sufficient if you so choose. Additionally, protein powders come in various flavors that can help add to the taste of your shake.

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Fruit: Fruit is an essential ingredient for protein shakes. The fruit you use will in large part determine the flavor and consistency that you end up with. Additionally, adding fruit will provide a huge boost of vitamins and antioxidants that your body needs for overall health. The fruit you use can be either fresh or frozen, but you should avoid fruit salads or other mixes that contain sugary syrups. Include one to three servings of fruit in your protein shake

Shake it to health: The best weight loss shake is a reliable drink that can also serve as a meal replacement. You will know if they are best for you under the following conditions:
  • It aids you in your achieving your weight loss goals
  • It provides you with all the vitamins and minerals that you need that normally comes from the foods that you are restricted to eat.
  • It provides you with the right amount of energy that you can use for daily activities and exercise.
  • It does not leave you hungry.
  • It does not have to be very expensive but are still effective
  • It simply tastes good.

Commercial shakes : The best weight loss shake may come in the form of commercialized ones. These are already conveniently packaged for you, usually in powder or ready-to-drink forms. Here are some of the commercial shakes that you can find in the market ultra Slim Fast

This is one of the most popular brands but some people do not consider this as the best weight loss shake in the market because of its high sugar content of 78 grams and it does not contribute to losing muscle mass and water weight. You are usually required to drink the shake for breakfast and it is paired up with a low-calorie weight loss plan. The entire shake contains 220 calories, 46 grams of carbohydrates that includes 7 grams of protein and 35 grams of sugar, and 1 gram of fat.

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Myoplex Low Carb

With only 120 calories and less sugar, the product is the best weight loss shake for those who are on a high protein and low carb diet. However, you may need to take in more food with this product since it cannot provide enough calories to compensate for a meal. These are more ideal for snacks or paired up with fruits if you are not planning on eating after consuming it.

Ensure Lite

This product provides you with two choices for shakes: the regular Ensure Lite and the Zone Perfect. Both of them have 200 and 260 calories respectively and have different amounts of high protein and are low in carbohydrates. However, the product still contains a high amount of sugar.

Make your own shakes

The best weight loss shake may be available within your reach in your kitchen. This simply means that you can make your own weight loss shakes with the right ingredients. These ingredients can easily be bought in groceries or food stores. Furthermore, they are less costly than commercial shakes and you are provided with more control on what you can put in your shakes.

Health and simplicity in one

Homemade shakes are no-fuss and no-hassle ones to make. In fact, all you need is a blender, your choices for fruits and vegetables, some ice, and water. With fruits and vegetables as your ingredients, you are provided with a hefty amount of all the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs for nutrition in one drink.