Dry, frizzy, listless hair is a common complaint these days. Almost all of you must have encountered dry hair problem at some point of time. If you probe deeper into the matter, you will notice that dry hair is actually the outcome of myriad hair treatments, that you subject your hair to. The damage that you inflict upon your hair through these treatments is tremendous. The end result, obviously, is not something you had hoped for. However, protein treatment for hair could be the answer to all your hair woes. More on hair care.

What is Protein Treatment for Hair?
Protein treatment for hair is a mechanism by which you add protein and moisture to your hair. The various hair treatments such as coloring, perming, straightening, etc. rip your hair off its moisture and protein content. This often leaves the hair weak and susceptible to breakage and fall. The main aim of protein treatments for hair is to return the lost moisture and protein back to the hair. Naturally, you get healthy, silky, soft hair after the protein treatment for hair. proten hair
Why Does Protein Treatment for Hair Work?
The most important reason why protein treatment for hair works is due to the natural structure of the hair. Hair is made up of a protein called as keratin. This is a natural protein which is synthesized by the body from the food we eat. However, it is necessary to keep replenishing the protein in hair, which it tends to lose due to various factors. About 15-20% protein is lost during the first chemical treatment itself. Additional protein is lost whenever you subject your hair to more chemical treatments. This lost protein is returned to the hair when you opt for protein hair treatments. Thus, strengthening your hair by returning its natural building block is a great way to ensure proper health of the hair. Also read about keratin hair treatment.

What are the Types of Protein Treatment for Hair?
Protein treatments for hair are commercially available in the form of protein treatment products. These products are rich in natural proteins and thus feed the hair with the much needed nutrient. However, if you have badly damaged hair due to frequent chemical treatments, it would be wise to get the protein treatment done from a professional salon, rather than attempting it at home, with the help of commercially available products. Also, it is imperative to know which products really work, because all the products available at the supermarket may not suit your individual hair type. You can always consult your hair expert and ask him to recommend a suitable hair protein treatment product for you. More on hair care products.

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However, natural protein treatment for hair is the best, if you really wish to have hair that are healthy from inside out. This includes eating foods that are rich in protein. Go through this list of high protein foods, to incorporate these foods in your diet. Also, applying natural protein conditioners like eggs and coconut milk help a great deal in retaining the protein in hair and preventing them from getting dry. Read more on protein rich foods.

Protein hair treatments are definitely a great way of achieving healthy and beautiful hair. However, if you go overboard with it, you will likely make your hair even more dry and brittle. This is because excess protein leaves no room for moisture in hair, rendering them dry and weak. Therefore, it is necessary to avail the benefits of protein treatment for hair wisely.

First Rule to Promote Hair Growth – Start Loving Your Hair

Though most of us already love our hair, even if you have never, start doing so. Do not compare them with others and degrade them. Love them just the way they are. Always remember hair differ from person to person and there are so many factors that are responsible for their looks, promote their growth and determine their life span. These factors include genetics, diet, age, metabolism, hormones, ethnicity, medication and above all the care you show to your lovely locks. Try to surmount the ones you can, like your diet, medication (if possible) and your hair care.

Always be gentle to your hair. Use good quality hair products and hair accessories. Brush you hair gently and try to put minimum trauma while brushing and styling. Read more on proper brushing hair.

Properly remove excess water from wet hair with a towel (but remember to be temperate). Don’t rub your hair vigorously with towel. For untangling wet hair never use a brush. Always use a wide tooth comb to untangle wet hair. Again the quality of comb is important, use natural bristle hair combs and brushes or alternatively you can find smooth wooden combs and brushes.

Start brushing or combing from the bottom of the locks then work toward the top. This way you can minimize the damage.

Allow your hairs to dry naturally whenever possible. If you are in a hurry, use a blow dryer at lowest possible setting. The intense heat from blow drying can cause split ends.

Do not use too hot water for hair and scalp. It can damage the roots and promote dandruff. Furthermore too hot water can wash away natural oils from scalp giving your beautiful locks a dry fizzy look.

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Second Rule to Promote Hair Growth – Be Selective

Do not put what so ever you find. Always be selective. First step towards good hair care is to determine your hair type. Once you know what type of hair you have, select the proper shampoo and conditioner that is “really” suitable for your hair. Never use cheap or low quality hair products that can do more harm than any benefit. It is best to use all natural hair care products that contain natural oils these will help to restore their moisture. Do not skip the conditioner, it is important to maintain the beauty and shine of hair. Though you can get many natural conditioning hair products, the best option is to use a natural homemade hair conditioner. You can get a long list of kitchen items that can condition your hair naturally and give them beautiful lustrous look. Most popular ones include massage oils, egg, yougurt and many others. Here are easy recipes on natural hair conditioners.
Never use any harsh chemicals on your hairs like dyes or styling products. If you want to grow your tresses really long and get them fast, forget these chemical based hair products. These products harm your manes more than any thing. If you want hair dye try to do it with natural products like henna. Again no hot irons or curling irons, these will weaken the hair roots promoting hair loss.

Third Rule to Promote Hair Growth – Keep Them Tidy

Always keep them clean. Tangled hair with unhealthy, clogged, and dirty scalp can never promote good hair growth. To keep them clean;

Shampoo your manes at least twice a week if they are thin and fine. For dry and coarse hair just washing them once a week works best, while oily hairs may need to be washed daily to look healthy and glowing.

Another important step to give your hairs a clean and healthy look is to trim them properly and at proper time, for most hairs this time is once a month but if you have really healthy hairs you may do not need to trim hairs before two months or even more. But it is best to do so before split ends start peeping out of your pony or braid.This will help to promote faster hair growth.

Forth Rule to Promote Hair Growth – Hot Oil Treatment

You can use them alone or in combination, except for castor oil that is too thick to use alone on the scalp and hair. After applying hair oil, massage with finger tips throughout the scalp. This improves blood supply to hair follicles, making them healthy, preventing their loss and promoting hair growth. Let the oil work for at least one hour (over night is a better option), then shampoo as routine. You may need to wash your hair twice or even more to remove oil properly. If you really want to grow your hairs long and healthy, give them a hot oil treatment no less than once a week.
The most popular oils include;

  • Jojoba oil
  • Olive oil
  • Almond oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Mustard oil
  • Sesame oil
  • Castor oil.
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Fifth Rule to Promote Hair Growth – Eat Healthy

Our hairs are equally influenced by the food we eat just as any other part of our body. If we eat a healthy well balanced food full of proteins, all essential vitamins and minerals, we are promoting our hair to grow fast and healthy. However an unfortunate aspect of globalization is the growing trends of fast foods which are high-fat, high-animal protein and high-salt diets that damages the kidneys and creates acidic blood, thereby leading to hair loss, according to Paul Pitchford’s Healing with Whole Foods These junk foods also lack vitamins thus leading to vitamin deficiency, which is another obstacle to shiny longhair.
Thus to make your hair grow long and fast, you need to take lots of juices, fresh fruits, nuts, fish and green vegetables. A good vitamin supplement can help a lot.

Sixth Rule for to Promote Hair Growth – Protect Them

Avoid chlorinated or salty water. If you are crazy for swimming, always use a swimming cap or at least shampoo your hair after swimming.

Always wear a cap with brim or a scarf to protect from sunlight. You can also use a conditioner with SPF protection but these are usually not very effective.

Use good quality fabric covered ponytails to avoid any trauma caused by elastics. Always be very selective for the hair accessories you put to style your locks as much of the damage is caused by unsuitable clips and ponytails.

Braid your hair and tie them in a pony tail before going to bed to avoid any breakage during sleeping. This also helps to decrease hair loss.

Never use electric appliances to your hairs, like electric rods, curling irons, hot rollers, or flat irons. Similarly avoid other chemical based hair treatments to prevent unnecessary trauma