The start of March means a lot of things: days get longer.  The weather starts to get a little warmer.  Spring is right around the corner…and a plethora of new diet and exercise books emerge.

Did you want a few more reasons for you to add exercise to your daily regimen? Then, consider the benefits that exercise has on the skin. There are a number of ways in which you can benefit from exercise. Sure, you can lose a few pounds. You can also get a better-looking six-pack for doing a bit of work. But, did you know that your skin could actually benefit from exercise as well? This is very true and you can reap the rewards right away too. Exercise is something that the body needs, no matter what. Here are some ways in which it can help your skin to look amazing and to glow without the help of any chemicals and treatments. 

  • Reduces your acne. Believe it or not, you can reduce the amount of acne that you have on your body, especially your face. Exercise will get the body moving and will therefore create sweat. Think sweat is a bad thing? It can help to keep your pores cleaned out and help remove harmful chemicals that are stored deep in them. Also, it can help by mediating the testosterone hormones in the skin, which cause acne in the first place.
  • Increased circulation. If you get in a regular workout in, you are likely to increase the circulation in your body. This will promote the increased delivery of nutrients to the skin cells. Toxins are also on the out. By increasing circulation of the blood in your body, you will be adding quite a benefiting factor to your skin. It can also help in making collagen and keep the wrinkles at bay.
  • De-stressing you. By exercising, your body can help you to be less stressed. There are plenty of ways in which this is beneficial to your body and overall health. The skin is no different. Being less stressed will encourage more of a natural glow to your skin.
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Exercise prevents stress-induced inflammation and aging.   Exercise reduces levels of insulin, cortisol, and other hormones that trigger stress and inflammation in the skin.  In turn, stress hormones trigger the activity of key enzymes, including matrix metalloproteinases, which can break down collagen. 

Exercise gives you a “glow.exercise is accredited with increasing the diameter of blood vessels (vasodilation), allowing for a greater blood volume to reach the organs, including the skin.  In normal, healthy individuals, this results in a fresh, healthy appearance, what we commonly refer to as a glow.

 Exercise reduces the appearance of acne.patients with severe acne reported being less likely to engage in sports or exercise, due to reported decreased self-esteem levels.  Yet, this could be one of the worst things that a patient with acne could do, as exercise may actually help to alleviate acne.

Regular exercise will preserve your collagen, keeping your skin firm long-term.a Canadian study following 251 diabetic patients, aged 39 to 70, found that blood sugar was significantly reduced for the 126 patients who were assigned to regular exercise over the course of 22 weeks.  What does blood sugar have to do with the skin?  As you age, not only does your collagen production decrease, but collagen itself changes, becoming tough, stiffened, and inflexible.

Exercise can help to reduce hair loss…Really.Anything that controls the amount of male hormones your body produces can impact not only skin, but also androgenic hair loss. Anything you can do to reduce the production of these hormones is going to have beneficial results on both skin and hair.