During the process of aging, fat gets deposited around various parts of the body. Arms, thighs, abdomen and chin are the most common areas, where fat gets deposited fast. Genetic factors do decide about where your body will store the fat. These days, men and women, both like to flaunt their skin! Men usually work hard to achieve the goal of body building and they like to show the toned muscles. Double chin or fatty chin affects the young and fresh look of your face, as it can be considered as the first apparent sign of aging or a sign of being overweight. Obesity is one of the few reasons of having a double chin.

The Best Ways To Lose Chin Fat

If you don’t learn how to lose your chin fat, then your frustration with your diet and fitness regiment will continue to grow, along with your pant size. You must do something, and visiting this lens is your first step to becoming healthy.

In this lens, you will learn which drills and products that I used to lose my chin fat. Many think the only two ways to lose chin fat are through weight loss or surgical methods. Most people do not realize that there are muscles around your face that you can exercise. Exercising these muscles will help get rid of the sagging under your chin.

Remedies to Lose Chin Fat

Exercises: As the chin muscles are involuntary muscles, regularly doing the double chin workouts, is the best way to get rid of double chin. How to lose chin fat is not that difficult and you can achieve the desired result by following some simple exercises:

  • Watch your face and neck posture throughout the day, so as to keep your head high above your shoulders with a jutting jaw, whole day! This can definitely help lose the chin fat.
  • If you open your mouth as wide as possible and keep it in the same position for at least 10 seconds, it will help stretch the chin muscles. Repeat the exercise as many times as possible as this is a good neck exercise for double chin which can help you a lot.
  • Close your mouth and tilt your head backwards. Start chewing action while looking towards the ceiling. Do it for half minute and halt. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  • Let your head be gently tilted backwards. Open your mouth and move your bottom lip over your top lip in such a way that the chin muscles are stretched. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  • Sit straight and try to stretch your tongue out. This can stretch various mouth and face muscles, which help to avoid sagging chin. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.
  • Sit straight. Press your palm on your forehead. Now, try to resist the pressure with the help of your neck and head. This will also stretch your chin which is helpful when you wish to reduce chin fat.
  • Sit or stand straight. Let your head be tilted backwards. Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth and you will notice that chin and neck muscles are tightened. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  • While sitting or standing, keep your head tilted backwards and bring the chin down towards your neck. Repeat it 10 times.
  • Lie flat on a mat. Let your hands be down near your thighs. Press your chin against your chest. Hold the position for 3-4 seconds. Slowly tilting your head backwards, bring it again down to the chest. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.
  • Lie flat on a bed with your head hanging down over the edge. Try to bring your head in level with rest of the body, by slowly raising it up. Hold the head at the body level for 15 seconds and then lower it slowly towards the floor again. Repeat this exercise designed for double chin reduction, at least 5 times daily.
  • Sit straight. After placing your lower lip above the upper lip, try to touch your nose, without moving your head. Try this for 20 seconds. I know, you can not touch the nose but the stretch around the chin area, might help you achieve the goal of fat loss.
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By exercising the muscles in your chin area, you can tighten the area and reduce fat.

Exercise One:

1. Push your chin forward and tighten the chin muscles as you take a deep breath. (Your lips can be closed or slightly parted.)
2. Hold tightening of the muscles to a count of six. Exhale and relax.

Do this 3 times a day

Exercise Two:

1. Tilt your head backward and push your chin forward. Tighten the chin muscles as you take a deep breath.
2. Hold the tightening of the muscles to a count of four. Exhale and relax