Natural Body Care Tips

The secret to a beautifully maintained body is to lavish the same care on it as you do on your complexion and make-up. For this, you need to take into account both general maintenance and any other special needs that you may have. Oil like almond oil which is rich in vitamin E is a traditional favorite when it comes to removing makeup. It does not leave behind any trace of makeup and at the same time nourishes any skin type. Using essential oils for massaging your body before bath will help to relieve your body of stress and ensures a healthy functioning of your body. Just a slice of lemon will help to lighten darker patches but do not use this on dry or sensitive skin.

Weight Reduction

Counting Calories:
All the food you eat is a source of energy and can fatten you, but some foodstuffs are more fattening than others.For instance, fats are more fattening than both carbohydrates and proteins.Calories are a simple way to measure, how much energy and how much fattening potential your foods contain.Foodstuffs differ in thier caloric content because of two reasons: Firstly they contain varying amounts of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates and secondly, they contain different amounts of water, an ingredient which truly has zero calories.Similarly the energy you spend when working or exercising can be measured in calories.

While on a weight reducing diet there are certain foods you must avoid:
1.All fried and greasy foods.
2.All sweets:Honey, ice-creams, cakes, pastries, jams, chocolates, candies.
3.Dry fruits and nuts:peanuts, almonds, cashewnuts.
4.All alcoholic drinks.
5.Fruits: Bananas, grapes, mangoes, strawberries.
6.Vegetables: Potatoes and other tubers.

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To Lose Weight Sensibly:
The safest and the most effective way of slimming is to lose weight slowly.Crash diets should be avoided as they often fail.This is simply because they just cannot be sustained.Moreover, crash dieting can adversely affect your beauty, making you look haggard.An advantage of a gradual diet control, is that your taste in foods can be adjusted over a reasonable period of time so that the craving for certain food items is reduced.

Fattening Are High Protein Foods?
There is a popular notion that protein-rich foods are not fattening.This is absolutely a myth.Proteins actually provide the same number of calories per gram as carbohydrates and so are equally fattening.But protein-rich(and even fatty foods) foods, do not leave the stomach as quickly as carbohydrates, so they tend to satisfy your appetite for longer periods of time and you do not feel hungry quickly.It is for this reason that a serving of mutton appears more filling than a bowl of cereal and sugar, even though the portions have been adjusted to give you precisely the same number of calories.

How To Cut Down On Fats:
Since fats contain more than twice as many calories to a gram as carbohydrates and proteins, a low fat diet would seem a very sensible way to cut down on the calories in your daily meals.The danger here lies in the fact that when you cut out on the fatty bit of your meals, you tend to feel hungry much sooner and if you succumb to your hunger-pangs, you might well end up eating more(snacks, sweets and other foods) before your next meal is due, and ruin your dietary schedule.

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It is a common practice all over the world to take care of face and hairs while neglecting rest of the body. We all know that the skin of face and neck are most sensitive and prone to damage by external factors (like sunrays, pollutants and temperatures) as well as aging. Accordingly, we spend considerable amount of time, money and energy to improve our face and hairs and to protect them from any expected damage. However we must keep in mind that the skin over rest of the body is equally important and subjected to damage. Thus our whole body needs to be pampered in the same way, with special attention to hands and feet.

In order to keep your skin healthy, smooth and supple, all you need to do is to follow strictly a self care routine, protect it from any irritants like ultraviolet sun rays, chemicals and other potentially harmful agents and monitor your diet. Prevent premature aging of skin by eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. Limit your intake of saturated fats, refined foods, alcohols and cigarettes. All these tend to speed up aging process. Try to lose any excess weight, slim yet well nourished people tend to age more slowly.

Certain Vitamins and minerals are essential for good health, make sure that your food is rich in them. Also emphasize on essential fatty acids, that are important for hormone productions and blood-fat regulation.

The first step in skin care is to make a proper skin care routine. Just a few extra minutes, each day can keep you fresh and glowing, improve your personality and build up confidence. First of all cleanse thoroughly, you can use any good brand cleanser according to your skin type or make your own homemade cleanser derived from kitchen cabinets. After doing diligent cleansing, apply some good moisturizer to keep your skin properly hydrated. Spread it generously and massage till it is completely absorbed. Also hydrate it internally by taking adequate amount of water each day. Now protect it from deteriorating factors, like extreme temperatures, strong winds, harsh soaps and detergents.

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Hands are a very important part of our body. Beautiful and gorgeous hands are important but what is the beauty of hands. Not only the shape and color is important but also the skin texture, the skin quality, the nail shape and above all, the way hands are used are all very important. To achieve good looking soft hands that attract every one and highlight your personality is possible only with proper care not for a day or two but always. Manicure refers to hands and nail care. Here is more on steps for manicure.

The skin of our body can be subjected to a number of diseases. During this period of illness we need to take special care of our body and skin. We have included a brief discription of common skin disorders with special mention on tips to prevent them and home remedies to cure them fasly and effectively.