With the start of the year 2020, many of us made resolutions to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In pursuit of fitness goals, most people focused on their diet, gym sessions, yoga, and sometimes the kind of liquids we consume. And then, the global pandemic hit everyone leading all to go in quarantine for months. The lockdown and the fear associated with coronavirus have led to an extended period of sedentary time and low energy levels with anxiety and depression taking over our souls. The two magical words that can transform our lives in these testing times are health and fitness. While the measure, to take for self-isolation, are necessary, our bodies and minds still need exercise to perform adequately, prevent weight gain, and keep our spirits up during these challenging times.

In these tough times, it is getting exceedingly difficult to keep ourselves disciplined, balanced, positive, active, and fit. This pandemic is not only adversely affecting our mental health but also our physical wellbeing. Living a healthy life and getting fit in difficult times can help generate creativity, teach discipline, adaptability, and optimism.  However, with everything, from restaurants to gyms under lockdown, maintaining health and fitness has become an impossible task. Nevertheless, there are various strategies you can adopt to maintain your health, shape, and strength even while being home-bound. To begin with ski prep workouts at home to lunges on the stairs or dances on Zumba tunes, you can opt for any approach to get your endorphin levels up and keep yourself fit even during the quarantine.

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We have compiled some ideas to guide you through a different fitness regime required in this severe lockdown scenario.


Climbing stairs several times a day enhances your stamina and burns your calories, making your body lean and fit. It strengthens and tones your muscles, keeps your leg arteries flexible, and promotes better blood flow. A minimum of 20 seconds of this aerobic activity every day can help you control your levels of blood sugar and maintain a healthy heart and body simultaneously.

Moreover, you can also perform a few exercises related to stairs like lunges, pushups, and crab walks are also beneficial in keeping you fit and well. The frequent use of stairs is an efficient way to stay healthy and robust since it requires no over-the-counter vitamins, fancy equipment, and is less time-consuming.


With more time spend at home, people have started making their way towards the kitchen to heal themselves from the adverse consequences of COVID-19 solitude. With the inclination to keep themselves busy cooking and eating during the quarantine, people have ended up eating more than necessary, leading to an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, you need to keep a check on your calorie intake, plan your diet wisely, exercise portion control, and opt for healthy snacks to curb your hunger in odd times.


From parks to gyms, everything has closed due to the coronavirus restrictions leaving fitness freaks with no better option to lose their weight and tone their body. Worry no more! You can now get the muscle of a skier’s muscle tone at home inside your living room with Aeroski. A ski prep workout is a convenient and cost-effective fitness machine that imitates the movement of downhill skiing at home. It can be easily assembled and used at home, providing you with an exceptional alpine experience while also strengthening and toning legs, glutes, arms and core, and enhancing stamina. Moreover, with the Aeroski fitness app, you can connect a virtual reality viewer to achieve a 3D alpine experience as you burn your calories staying at home. It is suitable for all ages and fitness intensity.

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The imposition of quarantine is no gag order on exercise. There are several videos, apps, and websites where physical trainers and Zumba instructors guide you to dance your way towards ultimate health and tranquility. Virtual Zumba classes and live concerts connect people using the spell of music and dance at home to create a feeling of togetherness and sustain fitness. The key is to burn those extra pounds of weight, jazz through anxiety, bring stability, strength, flexibility, and provide peace of mind. According to researchers at the University of California Berkeley’s

Greater Good Science Center, Berkeley, dancing is therapeutic for our body and mind since it causes various chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins to release inside the body. These substances protect the heart, prevent anxiety and depression, stimulate a euphoric feeling, and help people cope with the corona-imposed solitude by inducing contentment.

In a nutshell, the year 2020 has given birth to a completely different world. From wearing masks to social distancing, there are new experiences and normal that people have started following. More people have started to digitalize their lives, be it learning or earning; therefore, we need to formulate our lives accordingly. Ranging from virtual Zumba to a 3D alpine experience, it is the need of the hour to alter our lives according to the situation and bring the magic of health and fitness in our lives. The positivity of a healthy lifestyle will enhance our wellbeing, fight melancholy, and survive 2020 – one of the toughest years for humans.