a) It is widely known that Mediterranean diet has high fat content.  Is weight loss still possible if people will follow this kind of diet?

To some extent, Mediterranean diet really has a high fat content.  But you have to take note that the fat content of a Mediterranean diet consists of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.  These fats are essential and healthy for your body unlike the saturated fat which is common in American diet.  Do take note also that calorie intake is the determining factor for weight loss and not fat consumption.  If you follow the Mediterranean diet, you will enjoy lots of healthy benefits but you still need to lower your daily calorie consumption to achieve weight loss.

b) What makes Mediterranean diet different from American diet?

Mediterranean diet includes plenty of healthy food choices like vegetables, olive oils, nuts, cereals, potatoes, breads, and many more.  It does not focus on red meat, eggs, and poultry products which are the common component of the typical American diet.

c) Is it true that Mediterranean diet played a major role in lowering the rate of heart disease in the region?

Mediterranean diet plays an important role in lowering the incidences of cardiovascular disorder.  This finding has been proven by major research and studies.  More importantly, the success of the Mediterranean diet comes from the fact that it promotes a holistic approach to healthy living.  By following the Mediterranean diet, you will learn how to eat healthy and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

d) Is exercise still required if one is following a Mediterranean diet?

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Exercise is always essential no matter what type of diet you follow.  The best thing about the Mediterranean diet is that it encourages daily regular exercises as part of the holistic approach to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  When this type of diet was introduced in the sixties, exercise and physical activities were already part of the culture of the Mediterranean people.  For your minimum exercise needs, you have to take a daily one-hour walk and weekly full body exercise.

e) Is Mediterranean diet different from Low Carb diet?

There is a sea of difference between these two diets.  With the Mediterranean diet, your protein consumption would be lower.  Normally, you will get 15 percent of your calorie consumption from the protein content of a Mediterranean diet.

f) People observed that wine is included in the Mediterranean diet.  What is the daily recommended amount for wine consumption?

For your general guidance, you have to consume wine in low to moderate amounts.  For male dieters, your daily calorie consumption from wine should be 5 percent.  For women, it should be lower or about 2.5 percent.

g) Final word of advice

The Mediterranean lifestyle is your way to achieve good health.  You need to include foods in your diet that are rich in Omega 3, root crops, and vegetable oils.  Combine these with breads, cereals and fruits and you can prevent heart disease.