Your passport to winter sports and activities are layers – dressing in layers. For any Winter Activities, it is extremely necessary to Dress in Layers, wear gloves or mittens to protect your hands, and wear a hat or cap (you can lose up to 40-50% of your body heat through your head).

Be it winter hiking,  everyone has different sensitivities to the cold. Accordingly, you’ll have to determine what layers and Winter Fitness Accessories will work best for your winter activity based on the following guideline

Longsleeve Crew

For those who are working out in a climate that’s slightly warmer, the less bulk you have on the body the better. If you don’t need a hood or high neck for your upper-body wear, the Under Armour Reversible Longsleeve Crew is the ideal choice for your winter fitness clothing arsenal.One of the things you’ll like best about this long sleeve shirt is the ease at which it moves with your body so that you never once feel restricted.

Control Tights

When it comes to searching for winter fitness clothing for the lower half of the body, comfort should be a big concern. These New Balance tights will move with the body while supplying superior support to the quad and hamstring muscles.

Under Armour Hood

When the temperature drops, one of the most important places to cover to preserve heat is your head. Using Under Armour’s ColdGear Hood accomplishes this task perfectly, while also allowing you to look stylish at the same time.

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The hood is design to fit easily under a helmet, so it’s an ideal fit for those who are participating in cold-weather hockey or winter biking.

Saucony ProGrid Razor

If you’re planning on doing some all-terrain trail running or hiking, these shoes will be your best ally to weather the conditions.They have a ¾-cut design to provide a little extra protection if you plan on trekking in snowy areas, or if there is a chance you may come into contact with sedentary water. In addition to this cut, they are also lined for additional waterproof protection, helping keep your feet dry and warm at the same time.

Nike Sportswear Jacket

One factor that separates chilly weather from brutally cold weather is the wind. This Nike Windrunner jacket is the perfect solution for this and it will keep you warm at all times. The lightweight design of the jacket also allows for maximum movement and versatility, so you can carry out your workouts as usual. The Windrunner also has a warp-knit mesh lining that has been designed for added warmth without causing overheating when it does get slightly warmer

Saucony ViperLite Glove

While your hands won’t be a major part of the body that loses heat when you’re out for a run, if they aren’t protected you are really going to notice it. Windburn risks are higher on the hands, so it’s important that you keep them covered.These gloves are both stylish and practical as they contain a convertible exit on the forefingers and thumbs. Clips are also located right to the side of the glove for your convenience. And best of all, these gloves contain a small LED light to help guide you along the way when you’re out for a late-night jog.

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Hot in Winter Fashion

Winter is the time of year that our fashion designers claim to prefer designing for. With winter fashion comes textures, colours (although too often these are just shades of black and grey and crème!), trims, and multiple layers of clothing. We are suddenly inundated with options of what to wear, and which fashion trends to follow. It can all get pretty confusing! So here’s my (brief) summary of what’s in store so far for winter, and a couple of trends to be very, very cautious of!!

The oriental look has made yet another come back. Think wrap around tops, satin fabrics, apple blossom prints, Chinese necklines, bright red, black, and yellow. This is quite a classic, simple trend to wear, and most oriental inspired designs can be easily worn with your favourite pair of jeans or skirt, making it easy to follow this trend by adding just one wrap top or Chinese neckline to your wardrobe. Most of the oriental inspired garments are quite light-weight though, so this trend is more suited to the autumn months than to the middle of winter.

It’s going to be a dark, dark winter. If you’re going with this trend, keep an eye out for black clothes, tight fitting tops, black lace, long flowing skirts, and plenty of dark eye make up and nail polish. Silver jewellery is a great way to accessorise this trend, especially the classic silver cross necklace and plenty of silver rings. You can get dressed up in all those long, flowing clothes, and swish your way dramatically around town.

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The military look is still around, despite it having been in our wardrobes for a few years now. And it’s still a good, comfortable option. Combat and cargo pants tend to be very comfortable, and those pockets come in very handy, especially if you’re not a fan of carrying around a bag all the time. Shades of dull green, white, black, and grey marle are still scattered around all the shops. Wide mesh tops have made an appearance at Glassons once more. Epaulets are popping up on jackets and jerseys, and wide rib jerseys are all over the place.