Every working girl must be prepared for those “O-M-G I can’t believe this is happening to me at the office!” moments. From coffee stains to stocking snafus, the key is to be well-equipped with an emergency kit to combat any fashion or beauty crisis with a quick fix. Simply create your own go-to bag stocked with essentials to get you through any disaster without breaking a sweat.

First, pick up a cute cosmetic case to keep all of your travel-sized must-haves in one organized place. This also makes it easier to discreetly transport your “top-secret weapons” to the bathroom.

Nail Polish Remover

You’ve been holding out until Friday for a manicure so your nails look impeccable for the weekend. But your boss just summoned you to a meeting with some major bigwigs. Nail polish remover to the rescue! Quickly wipe away those last chips of the super dark polish you tested out last week, so you look less tormented Emo chick and more executive.

Roll on Perfume

Sometimes an extra dab of perfume is necessary, especially on your way out for after-work cocktails. A roll-on version of your favorite scent is easy to tote around and won’t overwhelm your cube-mates the way an “over-spritz” does.

Tooth Brush, Floss and Mouthwash

Salads can be risky business if you’re not prepared to tackle spinach-in-the-teeth fiascos with an after-lunch brush, floss and rinse. Pop a mint for good measure.


You never know when you’ll need a dab of cover-up, a concealer touch-up for those dark circles, or a smidgen of moisturizer for super dry hands. But rather than spend a fortune on full sized bottles of all your favorite skin care products, see if a brand you love makes a great set featuring mini versions of your must-haves. A natural healthy glow is the foundation for any showstopping look—and best of all, one of the easiest to achieve. My pick from the drugstore is Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Moisturizer. It’s a hypoallergenic formula with a touch of self-tanner and can be used easily on your face and body to build and maintain beautiful, subtle color.Get the look: As with any formula containing a self-tanner, apply using a circular motion to avoid streaking. Even though the amount of tanner in this moisturizer is minimal, better to be safe than sorry! And always make sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterward.

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You want a strong yet simple effect. Physicians Formula has the Baked Collection, which I love; it’s hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and dermatologist approved. It can be used wet and dry, which provides greater versatility. The simple complimenting color palettes of dark, medium, and light will work for most skin tones.

Get the look: Using the sponge applicator that comes with your shadows, use the point to dip into the darkest color, tapping to remove the excess, and line the lashes on the upper lid, then sweep around in the crease. Use the flat side of the applicator to apply the medium shade to the lid. Turn over and use the clean flat side to apply the highlight just under the brow and the inside corner of the eye. To add strength and volume, lightly dampen the applicator. Always test the applicator on the back of your hand before applying to make sure it’s not too wet.


One of my favorite mascaras is L’Oréal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon. I prefer the one with the straight brush versus the curved version. I feel I can get more product on the lashes and has greater control.

Get the look: First wipe the wand with a tissue to remove any excess mascara to avoid clumping. Then apply wand at the base of the lash and brush out to the ends, getting right into the corners and as close to the lash line as possible. For the bottom lashes, I like to use the point of the wand. At least two coats are necessary and easily done with this mascara.

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Cheeks and Lips

Bath and Body Works has a lip stain called Liplicious. It’s a two-in-one stain and gloss. The stain can be used for the lips and cheeks, and the gloss can be used on the lips, plus you can add a touch on the eyes for a luscious look.

Get the look: Apply the stain directly to lips and dab with your finger to blend. Then dab some onto the apple of the cheek to add a hint of color, giving you a rosy flush. Add the clear gloss to the lips for greater dimension. To use as a beautiful highlight for the cheeks and eyes, use your finger to apply a touch to the tops of your cheekbones, eyelids, and inside triangle of your eye for a dewy finish.