It is not easy to build up pumped up muscles in your chest by simply normal workout because you will need something more than that. If you have a plain chest with almost no curves, then it is the high time that you should stop your old workout plan and opt for something new. It is essential for you to go for something new which will help you in gaining ample of mass in your chest. workout1
Men with good physique need to have a worked out chest; otherwise, it will portray an abrupt figure. There are some chest workouts that can help you get well-sized chest although it entirely depends on upon your dedication towards your body. Generally, the chest consists of mainly crafted with two muscles, and they are pectoralis minor and pectoralis major. Both these muscles function together although pectoralis minor is situated below the primary. Most of the people go for regular flyes and bench press to increase their chest, but it would take years.

While doing a workout, you should focus on different parts of the chest like the lower, middle and upper. Gym trainers and various exercise specialists always recommend a beginner to work out for each section separately that will help them in building the well-shaped chest. Each section of the chest gets pumped by changing the angles of the exercise, and upper area of the chest receives the most effect. However, you should start your chest workout journey from the scratch because it is a good move to improve the inner muscles.

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Crucial Chest Workouts for Mass

If you go through the bodybuilding books or internet websites, you will find ample amount of websites that has a list of chest workouts. Although it is quite impossible to try all those workouts to build up a good chest so, the following list contains the name of some workout that can prove fruitful. These workouts are:

Barbell Bench Press –

The bench press is an exemplary exercise method to gain mass in the chest, but after adding barbell to it, the efficiency of the workout increases by a large margin. With barbell bench press, you can put better pressure in the different section of the chest. This is a simple exercise, and you can learn at first place without any hassle. You should do this workout at the beginning of your chest workout program for a better result.


Flat Bench Dumbbell Press –

Dumbbell press is a fruitful chest workout that functions on each side of your chest. The dumbbell is slightly tough to handle but if you work out cautiously with adjustable dumbbells it can give you stabilized muscle. It works throughout the whole section of the body as dumbbell pressurizes the whole muscles. You can change the weight of the dumbbell according to your liking which is the biggest advantage of this workout. However, you should start with small weights, but heavy reps are always recommended

Low Incline Barbell Bench Press –

Low incline barbell bench press is a proper way of muscle workout because it doesn’t put much pressure on your back. Most the bench is designed with a fixed angle, and while you are doing barbell bench press in fixed angle, the pressure lies on delts rather than the chest. Low incline benches put proper stress on the chest that can help you in your getting well-sized chest. To have a better result, you should bring your grip slightly closer making it parallel with your chest.

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Machine Decline Press –

While doing chest workout, it is essential for you to move each separately for proper result. Machine decline press is that kind of workout that works on each muscle of your chest. Instead of straight decline press, you can also do it in sideways using the single arm that works on the side portion of your chest. You should do this exercise at the end of your chest workout day, or you can also do simple chest exercises before this workout.

Seated Machine Chest Press –

You must have done several bench presses for your chest workout, but they are not highly effective. So if you are looking for something beneficial and will show the immense effect on your chest then seated machine chest press will be a good choice as it can do wonders. This workout targets a specific area of the chest and offers curves around the chest. This is a solid workout, and you should perform this exercise at the end of your chest workout session.


Incline Dumbbell Press –

If you have done enough standard dumbbell press in fixed bench, then it is the time you should shift to incline dumbbell press. The combination of incline dumbbell press with the changeable bench can help you in getting an effective chest. It basically helps in pressurizing different angels of your chest, but you should not use heavy dumbbells. You can do this workout at the beginning or in the middle of your workout but never in the end. For better result, you should slowly rotate the dumbbells so that it can hit each muscle.

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Chest Dips –

This is a unique workout process that put heavy pressure every muscle of the chest. To do this dips, you should first lean your chest in the forward direction and then lift your feet above the ground. So when you try to go down, you should try to spread your elbow as wide as possible to have a better effect in the chest.


Final Verdict

All these exercises are done with the help of weights so you should be cautious because one wrong move can damage your muscle. The above-mentioned workouts should be done precisely otherwise, it won’t show any effect in your chest, and for convenience, you should first consult with your gym instructor.
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