CBD belongs to the cannabinoid family of chemicals that are found in marijuana. In addition to CBD, there is also another cannabinoid found in the plant named THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol).

Help Against Anxiety

 However, the effects of both of these chemicals are completely different from each other. THC is a psychoactive compound that causes a high and euphoric sensation, whereas CBD is a compound that carries anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory qualities. 

Help Against Anxiety

Uncontrolled usage of marijuana and opioid can cause hallucinations and long-term addiction. People start using these drugs for relief from anxiety and often get hooked to them. But this is not the case with CBD. WHO has confirmed that CBD does not make you dependent on it.

In research, 57 males were given a dosage of CBD between 150mg to 900mg before public speaking. A control group was given a traditional placebo for anxiety. After public speaking, it was noticed that CBD is more effective against the effects of anxiety. The most effective dosage was found to be 300mg. 

Effects of CBD Against Addiction

People start taking addictive drugs for their anxiety and often end up becoming addicts. The problem with getting hooked on drugs is that it makes you crave for even more, and a time comes when you can not function without them. This is not the problem with psychoactive drugs alone, as many prescription drugs for anxiety can also result in similar effects. 

In research by Dr. Yasmine Hurd, it was noticed that rats with heroin addiction had a lesser craving for the drugs on getting treatment with CBD. The success of animal studies became the reason for trying something similar to humans as well. 

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Similar testing was also done with 42 abstinent heroin addicts. They were given doses of CBD for three months without any exposure to opioids. A control group was given treatment with placebo at this time. At the end of this testing, the abstinent heroin users were given paraphernalia and shown videos of people using heroin for cue-induced craving. The people who were treated with CBD showed lesser anxiety and craving for the drug. 

Research Data of CBD

From the results of this research, it is safe to say that CBD can treat the addiction and anxiety that people feel about not getting these addictive drugs. However, we need further research that supports its effects against anxiety.

In the past, not much research was done in the field because of the legal status of marijuana and hemp. This has been a major hurdle in the way of research. But things are better now than before, but still more work is needed to make the research process easier than before.

But from these two and some other research made in the recent past, it is safe to say that the future of CBD is bright. The substance can be suitable for treating both anxiety and addiction in the future. 

Use of CBD Currently

A lot of people are using CBD products even today to get the benefits of its antidepressant and other health-related benefits. You can find CBD products in different pharmacies, stores, and even online sources. 

Help Against Anxiety

As there is a need for further research, it is better that you at least let your doctor or therapist know that you are using them. So, you do not end up facing side effects because of the combined effect of your medication and CBD.