Sugar is a manmade product and it would be interesting to note that if we go back to trace our evolutionary history, there was a time when sugar was not used at all! All the energy that was required by our body either came from fruits as fructose or natural carbohydrates. Excessive sugar creates havoc in our systems which most of us are unaware of and thus raises the need for it to be restricted in our diet as much as possible for a trouble-free healthy life. A nurse practitioner can help you figure out ways to restrict sugar in your diet.

The major disaster sugar causes to our body is primarily attributed to its leading to obesity, a condition that further complicates and aggravates other serious health issues:

1. Sugar leads to obesity: More than desired levels of sugar can lead to acute cases of obesity since it leads to higher levels of triglycerides, HDLs, or high-density lipoproteins or the bad cholesterol and high fasting glucose levels in our bloodstream.

2. Sugar as a retardant of growth hormones: Huge intake of sugar reversely affects the production of growth hormones in our body and thus contributes to the early aging process. Together with exercises, a balanced diet, and low-stress levels one can fight the premature aging process without the aid of any synthetic material or hormone injections.

3. Sugar as a contributor to inflammation: Heightened sugar levels can cause excessive inflammation in our body which being inappropriate may further lead to diseases and hence speed up the aging process.

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4. Sugar as a causative agent of increased insulin levels: Excessive influx of sugar into our body systems is nullified with the help of insulin secreted from our pancreas. However, if we were to subject our systems to high levels of sugar continually, our dependency on insulin increases, and down the line, our pancreas becomes redundant thus leading to dependence on external insulin injections, a typical diabetic condition.

5. Sugar leads to glycation: When sugar is consumed in high quantities, the molecules get attached to proteins and fat molecules in our bloodstream, a process known as glycation. Once glycation occurs the resultant compounds- advanced glycation end products or AGEs cause severe damage to our systems thereby leading to an advanced aging process.

6. Sugar causes nutrition depletion: Since sugar is completely deficient in nutrition the body keeps craving for more food to account for the resultant nutrition deficiency, thus leading to obesity. Not only that sugar compounds strip the teeth of their calcium and thus lead to leaching of the teeth from inside. Besides, sugar causes lethargy since it additionally snaps the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from our tissues which are required to metabolize it.

7. Sugar as a dampener to the body’s immune system: Certain researches have also shown excessive intake of sugar temporarily suppresses our immune system for some time which over a period of time can become detrimental.

However, sugar if taken in small quantities is not bad. A small serving of sugar does not cause any harm and thus can be consumed without fear. According to WHO, safe sugar consumption is around 10% of the total calorie intake of an individual which ideally in adults is about 50 grams per day.

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About the author: Alyssa Clarke is a passionate blogger who enjoys writing on health and fashion related topics the most. She is a big supporter of home remedies for skincare and is currently working on an article on skin allergy and precautions for it.