Do-It-Yourself Manicure

Are your nails uneven, nail polish chipped and your hands dry and flaky. Then it is probably time to give yourself a Do-It-Yourself Manicure. This great guide will help you get your hands and nails in Tip Top shape.

1. Remove any nail polish with an acetone-free nail polish remover, and gently file your nails into shape. Only file in one direction – don’t saw back and forth. You may also like to buff your nails to remove ridges and give a shine to your nails, but don’t do this too often as it thins and weakens the nails.
2. Exfoliate your hands with a body scrub. Massage the scrub mixture all over your hands, then rinse well.
4. Slather on some hand cream, massaging it well into the skin.
5. Massage some of the hand cream into your cuticles, then very gently push them back with a cuticle stick wrapped in a tissue.

6. Remove any excess cream from your nails with some nail polish remover, then apply a base coat (such as Christina Fitzgerald “Ruth” or OPI Start to Finish) or nail strengthener (such as OPI Nail Envy or Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator) . Base coats protect your nails from staining, and nail strengtheners help to harden nails and encourage growth.

7. Apply two to three coats of your chosen nail polish, then a top coat  Make sure you allow at least an hour for your nails to dry, otherwise you’ll get smudges or dents in the polish. If you’re in a hurry, apply OPI Drip Dry Drops for faster drying.

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Midsummer Night Nail Color

You  know how some women mix nails colors for a whole new color? Well,far fetched and as immature as it might sound, try it!! Some nail colors have different ingredients in them to make that certain shade and do not blend well. Let each coat dry. If you use a nail color that has glitter in it be sure to put a color that has no glitter on first because the glitter will not show up,just a lot of bumpy stuff under your polish.

It is not a good idea to mix two glitter shades together either. This will cause too much glitter and will just result in a big gloppy mess. There is a reason why they only put a certain amount of glitter in each bottle. Plus it will be harder to take off later when you want to change shades. I recommend if you have never tried this color mixing before that you try it with the least expensive nail colors first. The kind that you can buy a lot of at one time. Then after you’ve practiced in your spare time,or on a day off,you can go back to your preferred nail color and get the colors that you know will work. Remember,as before,it is not a good idea to mix nail colors in the same bottle. You may wind up with a nice colored goop instead of a new nail color.

Care for hands and nails

Nails are considered an imperative part to add beauty on your hands. Nails that are formed by hard protein are called Keratin. Nails grow sooner during definite hormonal varying periods, than at the beginning of the pregnancy or shortly prior to Menstruation. The nails lend a hand to look after the ends of the fingers along with the toes against trauma and let us help to waive small articles. If healthy, they are to a high degree steady to tearing up or breaking. However lack can form into the diet nails inflexibly. Hands are the most evident parts of you; however they take also much abuse. French Manicure is the only the type of Manicure, in which the points of the nails are pure white. This is a view, which is very well accepted for the reason that it forms your nail view healthy and cleanly. It is usable for all opportunities, since it is natural ultra.

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The white nail polish is usually associated with the periphery of the finger, but there are substitute, which look also very attractively. A Diet eat, which consists of the 50% fruit and raw vegetable, in order essential vitamins, minerals as well as enzymes to supply. The food eats which in the sulfur and silicone, fish and bulbs are rich. _ the hand with cold free water wash and finger with a soft cloth then wipe off. Nail Thinner uses orange nail for sticking and cotton for clean which is immersed into antiseptic lotion. Nail lacquer thinner can be used, in order to dilute nail polish, which became too thick. The polishing agent in the refrigerating chamber hold, in order to form it last longer. Nails keep good, and polishing agents do not carry, in order to work. Vitamin B particularly B5: Importantly for healthy skin and nails.

Care for hands and drive pin tips

1. For washing your hands, dry grope and, if damp, humidity cream on the hands, which cuticles and the nails use.
2. Nail polish looks after your nail against marks, physical trauma as well as appears as a barrier to the chemicals
3. Do not make use of too Polish Remover.
4. Avoid using sharp instruments less than nails. They could break the nail, around connection to skin
5. Nails do not ignore, separately from beds.
6. Avoid breaking off and taking nail polish off away.
7. Do not forget taking care of your toe nails.