Glamorous Make-up Ideas

Glam make-up has been crated for the diva in you, to emphasize feminine beauty and sophistication. Find out how you can benefit from this gorgeous make-up trends suitable for formal occasions. Whenever the word glam pops into a sentence one instantly thinks show stopper, beauty and sophistication. Glam make-up is all about making head turns due to the gorgeous result obtained by this gorgeous make-up trend.

Glam make-up has always risen an interest in women simply because of it’s seductive power. The main characteristics of this type of make-up are definition and flawless appearance. Make-up has always been a girls best friend and glam make-up is only meant to emphasize that.
Surprisingly, glam make-up is not all about powerful colors and cosmetics, simple make-up too can become glam. All that is needed is a little bit of skill and some good quality cosmetics. To benefit from this gorgeous make-up which makes celebrities dazzle whenever they make their appearance on the red carpet follow these steps thoroughly:

This type of glam make-up will most definitely enhance certain facial features using stronger, bolder colors. Either the eyes or the lips will be enhanced with make-up , not both at the same time to avoid creating an unpleasant, unglamorous look. It is best to concentrate on the facial feature that you consider to be your most attractive asset.

Usually women choose to emphasize the eyes simply because the eyes are considered to be the gateway to the soul, and beautiful eyes attract attention. Because women have different eye colors, it is best to choose a color pallet that works for you. Choose a softer color and a darker tone one which you will use to create a lovely eye definition. Go for purples, pink and shimmery black, soft and dark green, golds, etc.holimakeup

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Before you apply any make-up it is necessary to start with a freshly washed and exfoliated complexion. After exfoliation moisturize the skin using an intense moisturizer cream as your skin will quickly absorb it. Conceal any blemishes and dark under eye circles using a concealer and apply a subtle coat of foundation. Choose the foundation according to your skin type so it will spread and maintain better. Set the foundation with translucent powder and apply a generous amount of it under the eyes to avoid smudging eyeshadow powder on your face.

Contour your eyes using an eyeliner pencil or liquid to define them and make them pop. Apply the combo eyeshadow according to your eye shape. The darker color should be applied on the outer corner of the eye to add depth. Dust the translucent powder excess off, curl your eyelashes and apply a heavy coat of mascara. False eyelashes also make a great choice for this type of make-up so choose the type that lengthens or thickens your eyelashes.

Define your cheekbones using a blush that complements your complexion and apply a soft color lipstick or lip gloss on your luscious lips.
If you are looking for a more subtle look choose peach or nude color eyeshadow for your eyes and define your lips using wine or fire red lipstick. This will make you have a very vintage glam look, perfect for paler complexions.

Choose your make-up right and you will look beautiful and glamorous every time the occasion calls for it.