Hot Oil Treatments

Every one loves beautiful shiny hairs with bounce and life, but unfortunately all of us don’t have them. Many people around the world have dry brittle hair naturally but there are countless others that get them as a result of daily wear and tear. There are a number of factors that contribute to every day damage to our beloved hairs, like over use of chemical based hair products, excessive brushing, hair styling, environmental pollution, and so forth. Every one experiences brittle frizzy hairs with split ends at some or most times of life. Don’t get panic; this is all part of life. All you need is to stay calm and decide wisely. beaty hairrrDo you want to spend a handsome amount and get your hairs managed for a few days or weeks OR you want something natural, free of side effects and in particular all done at your home. Then instead of trying synthetic commercial hair care products, go for a hair treatment with natural hair oils. In fact a good hair oil when applied appropriately and thoroughly is probably the best hair treatment you can offer to your hairs, that helps to recover any damage, promote hair growth as well as helpful in hair loss prevention.

Hot oil treatment is the most practical and time tested natural hair treatment for dry and damaged hairs. When applied hair oils coat your hair shafts giving them shiny and glow, condition them and restore their moisture. Besides hairs these also condition your scalp and skin and are helpful in many dry scalp conditions like eczema. If repeated on regular basis, hot oil treatments are known to prevent hair loss (if it is not due to genetic cause) and promote hair growth. These hair treatments also prevent the formation of split ends; hence help to grow hairs long.

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How to do Hot Oil Hair Treatment

It has always been a common practice to massage hairs and scalp to promote healthy hairs, nourish scalp & skin and relieve stress. In order to get maximum benefits from hair oil treatment it is recommended to use warm oil which will enhance beneficiary effects. All you need is;

1. 1/2 cup Hair oil
2. 1 medium sized towel
3. Hot water

As we all know all over the world women have been applying different natural oils to restore shine and give life to their dry damaged hairs. For this purpose a number of natural oils are used including coconut oil, almond oil, mustard oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, soy bean oil and many more. You can use them either alone or in combination of two or more. You may select any one depending upon your hair type, ease of availability and the cost you can offer.

       First of all warm the oil to a bearable temperature.

       Check the temperature with your finger tips or back of hand.

       Make partitions of your tresses and start applying oil with your finger tips. Starting from scalp move towards the ends so that all your manes are completely done.

       Don’t forget to massage gently with finger tips only. This will improve the blood circulation and encourage hair follicles to stimulate growth. But the key point is don’t be harsh, otherwise you will end with hair breakage.

       Dip the towel in hot water, now take it out and wring it thoroughly to remove excessive water. Cover your hairs completely with this and tie a band so that it keeps tightly around the head. This will keep the heat inside.

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       Sometimes hair dryer is used to keep the towel warm. This is a good idea particularly in winters.

       Wait for an hour and finally shampoo as routine.

This hair care treatment with natural oils is a great treat for your manes. This nourishes and enhances the elasticity of your hair while repairing and restoring the damaged parts. In fact this is believed to be a natural hair loss treatment that prevent hair loss by improving their circulation and hence nutrition as well as motivates dormant follicles to promote hair growth. You will end with gorgeous silky-soft tresses.