Would you like to learn how to boost brain power and how to accelerate work at full power? If you encourage your brain activity to increase, as it can be said, to 100 percent by creating all the proper conditions for its development, you can not only improve its functions now but even prevent the possible onset of Alzheimer’s disease in the future.

Increase Your Brain Power

Thus, we will discuss the issue of how you can strengthen your intellectual capabilities, prevent aging of the psyche and, perhaps, even increase life expectancy.

Our brain is the powerful and uninvestigated complex system we are still unaware of its all possibilities. The brain’s potential is limitless, and the level of our brainpower is not the final point. In one of the scientific investigations, British scientists stated that we can easily increase the quality of our cognitive activity. Are you still curious about how to boost brain power naturally? There are several tips that will help you to improve your mental processes.

Get enough sleep and rest

Hard mental or physical work exhausts our brain and body. It is impossible to keep the organism working all the time because its resources are limited without relaxation. Having a rest is vital for our brain and body.

Sleep is crucial for our health and essential for the brain. It’s a widespread myth that the brain stops its activity while sleeping. When we fall asleep, our muscles get relaxed, and the breath gets deeper, but our brain starts its increased activity. Sleep is vital for the brain as it helps the nervous system to function without critical issues. The lack of sleep has long-term consequences on health and affects people with psychiatric and neurological disorders. So, 7-8 hours of deep sleep per day is a key to efficient brain productivity.

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Change your routine

Doing the same things every day just makes our brain get stuck in a rut. There is no progress in daily routine, as the brain works according to familiar patterns, doing some actions automatically. To boost brain power and enhance its activity, try something new in your usual schedule. If you never practiced morning exercises before, change the morning routine and start exercising. Change ways you get to work every day. Even changes in your traditional lunch can bring benefits to your brain productivity.

Do some sports

If you still don’t have a gym membership, go and buy it immediately! Scientific researches show that regular exercises enhance endorphins and modulate our stress response due to which the process of mental activity and quality of concentration increase. There is no doubt that sport helps to have not only a sound body but also a clear mind.

Train non-dominant hand

It is stated that our brain consists of two roughly similar hemispheres. The left hemisphere is responsible for the right part of the body and provides analytical processes, controls the logical and academic side of the brain. The right hemisphere is responsible for the left part of the body and takes care of the artistic and creative side of thinking. To increase your brainpower, train your non-dominant hand. For instance, if you are right-handed, try to do things you get used to do with a right hand with your left hand. For example, clean your teeth, eat or write for a while with your left hand. The matter is that such an uncomfortable situation forces the brain to function efficiently and provides an improvement to its cognitive productivity.

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process of mental activity

Cognitive training

Are you still asking yourself how to improve memory power? Curiosity may have killed a cat, but it is not our case! When it comes to speaking about brainpower, curiosity equals productivity. Mental exercises for our brain are as important as workouts for our body. That is why students who solve riddles, learn long poems by heart, read a lot or learn foreign languages are much more proficient in brain productivity than those, who avoid puzzles, learning, or writing a research proposal. Read books or newspapers, explore the world, try different remembering techniques and learn something new every single day. If you don’t have time for crossword puzzles or poems, try out the easiest things, like memorizing phone numbers or license numbers of a car you just glance at the street to keep your brain fit.

Decrease stress

Stress and negative emotions decrease your chances to be efficient but stimulate your brain in a proper way. Recent studies proved that if we are affected by stress, our brain gets enabled to receive endorphins that are very important to our productivity and well-being. Positive thinking and pleasant emotions are your keys to increasing brainpower.

Increase Your Brain Power

Eat brain-boosting foods

Your food preferences can also affect your brain productivity. Think carefully of your diet and make sure you eat nuts, almonds, broccoli, avocado, and wild salmon, which are supplements to improve memory. It is impossible to ignore sweets and sugar in your diet, as it encloses glucose, which is an important energy source and is a component of many carbohydrates vital to the thinking process.