In the mirror every woman thinks she has put on weight and wants a miracle which can make her body look slender and trim. To achieve that without exercise and dieting I shall tell you what clothes to wear so you can enhance your good points and hide your ugly points in the body. There are some weight loss tricks to look instantly thinner without a dangerous crash diet or drastic plastic surgery whether you’ve got a hot date or big interview you can manage to look thinner just by wearing the right clothes. First step is to be aware of what body type you are; orange, banana or pear.

If you body is heavier on the top then choose clothes which cling to your waist and not your chest, that will involuntary take the focus on your slender waist rather than your heavy chest.

If your have a pear shaped body then you should consciously try to wear dark colour clothes as dark colors hide the unwanted.

If you have a banana shaped body then you should try wearing clothes which cling to your chest and your bum so they appear to be enhanced.

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