Veggies and fruits are the most important part of the balanced or healthy diet but remember variety is seemingly essential like quantity. Remember not any single fruit or vegetable offers all the required nutrients, a human body need to be completed healthy. Consume plenty every day; according to expert eat the variety of vegetables and fruits with varieties of colors to get more nutrients in your body.

According to experts, a person should intake 4-5 cups of fruits and vegetables, thus you can lead healthy and risk-free life from chronic diseases. Diet cannot be completed without fruits and vegetables, this help to decrease complication of stroke and heart diseases. Regular use of veggies and fruits help to lower blood pressure level, decrease the risk of digestive and eye problems, and help to control blood sugar level and even aid to prevent several types of cancer.

What are the health benefits?

  • With regular consumption of vegetables and fruits, you are at least risk of cardiovascular diseases because of strong and strengthen arteries. Even the regular intake of fruits and veggies help you prevent peripheral arterial disease and even stroke.
  • With the consumption of these important vegetables and fruits, you are at the lower risk of developing diverse cancer like lung cancer and bowel cancer.
  • Fruit and vegetables contain:
  • Fiber content encourage healthy bowels, also help in several problems like constipation and reduce risk of diverticular disease
  • Natural source of plenty of minerals and vitamins
  • Fruits and vegetables are pure and naturally contain lowest fat
  • Fruits and vegetables help to make you feel full but these are relatively low in calories and therefore best diet to keep weight in control
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How do fruit and vegetables prevent disease?

Important minerals and vitamins are the special and essential part of fruits and vegetables, these nutrients help to keep body healthy and fresh. They also carry different types of chemicals such as antioxidants, vitamin C, and beta-carotene. Such important nutrients are proven to prevent against damage caused by chemicals in the body.

The most important content of fruits and vegetables is fiber, this content support and control cholesterol levels as well as control sugar levels within the body. It is far better to exchange your unhealthy food with healthy vegetables and fruits, these healthy diet aids to decrease complications of some diet-related diseases. According to latest study consumption of lowest fruits and vegetables can be majorly caused by 31% of heart disease, 19% of cancers of the digestive system and 11% of stroke.

Important instructions

With several essential minerals and vitamins, fruits and vegetables also contain important and highly useful natural chemicals. It is much better to intake fruits and vegetables raw, stir-fried or steamed, ignore to cook vegetables too much, overcooking may exclude all essential nutrients. Experts say that intake five kinds of vegetables and least two types of fruits in a day, always try to intake one fruit at one time.