The pandemic has greatly messed up everyone’s plans of making 2020 their best year so far. Now, when the year is at its end, but still the Coronavirus problem is far from solved, there are still some activities, like Beekeeping. We can take part in making 2021 a better year. People are in dire need of activities that keep them healthy, both mentally and physically.

The activity that our team finds that fits this description accurately is beekeeping. Not only the activity will keep you healthy, but it can also be monetarily profitable. Also, you will get your own organic honey. Therefore, there is nothing we find more fitting than starting beekeeping.

How to Get Started Beekeeping? 

There are a few things you need before starting with beekeeping. The first thing you need is a suitable place where you are going to keep the bees. A backyard, lawn, or even a rooftop would do. But before anything else, you should see if you are permitted to keep bees as neighborhoods in a lot of regions may not permit.


However, after arranging a suitable space designated for beekeeping, the second thing you will need is to get beekeeping supplies. For supplies, you can go to Ozeebeekeeping. They have everything you need for getting started, from hives to tools. Their prices are affordable, and they ship all over the world. 

Preparing Hives for Bees

First off, you’ll need to buy beehives with suitable dimensions. If you know carpentry, then you can also make your own hives. You can get an idea of what the hives are from Google and YouTube. However, if you don’t want to get in all this hassle, buying ready-made ones can be a better option. 

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You are also going to need hive frames, which you can make yourself or buy online. These frames are where the bees do the honey-making process. But before putting these frames inside the hives, you have to first prepare them for the wax foundation. 

Before putting the wax foundation inside, first, you need to wire the frames. You can see tutorials on how to wire the frames on YouTube. For the wiring process, there are a few things you will be needing. These are a reel of wire, nails, wire tensioner, wire embedder, and small metal eyes to keep the frames from shattering. All these tools are available at Ozeebeekeeping. 

For preparing the hive frames, you will have to tightly wire the frame. Once the frames are tightly wired, you can place the wax foundation and make your frames ready for the bees. 

Other Beekeeping Processes 

After starting up with beekeeping, you will require different tools and equipment for other processes. Among others, hive tools, smokers, and gloves are the ones you should prioritize. These tools will serve you for a long time. You know where to get them. The whole process of beekeeping is very interesting and keeps you engaged throughout. 

Beekeeping Processes

During your honey harvest, there will be a time when no flowers will be around, and your bees will be totally dependent on you. At this time, the bees are totally dependent on you for their nutritional needs. You can provide your bees with sugar syrup and plain water for their needs through bee feeders and bee water dispensers. 

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When you are at the stage where you think you need more queens, you can go with queen rearing processes. There are many different processes that are successful in getting queens. Nicot is a famous process that involves the use of a nice cage.  

In short, there is a lot that will keep you occupied in these processes. 

Extraction of Honey at the End of Harvest

The end of the harvest is the most awaited time of the year for a beekeeper. It is the time of honey extraction. For this process, you first have to uncap the frames with some uncapping tool and then put the frames in a honey extractor. The inside of the extractor rotates and takes out the honey from the frames. The extracted honey is deposited at the bottom, from where you can take it out by opening the valve.

Every process involved in beekeeping from the starting to the end is fun. Therefore, beekeeping is far better than watching Netflix or stressing about the pandemic. You can spend your time in a healthier activity that rewards you with nutritious honey in the end.