In recent years, many brands have launched their range of fitness gear. Among other products, fitness bands and smartwatches have been very famous. So famous that big and small, many brands are putting out their own range. 

Many of the smartphone industry giants are putting out a range of their own in the market. A good thing that has come out of this competitive environment is that these products are becoming more and more affordable. At first, only Apple and Samsung were some of the few brands in the market, and the prices were high. Now, that’s not the case anymore. 

Recently, the big players of the wristwatch industry, including Citizen and Tissot, have also started to put their own versions of fitness watches. It is a great innovation for the industry that formerly had only digital and analog variety for watches. 

Apart from smartwatches, fitness bands have been very famous too. The reason being their lesser price. Not to be discounted that they are sleek, fashionable, and pretty amazing too. Yet, pricing is one of the chief factors that get these products attention.

One of the most popular fitness trackers of 2020, XiaomiBand 5, is only priced at $42. When compared to all the features and fitness modes you get with the product, these bands are a steal. We see a similar case with other bands of other brands as well. 

The Health Benefits of Fitness Bands and Watches

These fitness gadgets have many applications that can help a person to retain their fitness. From the pulse oximeter feature that monitors stress levels, breathing, and heart rate, these watches can monitor the activity of the person wearing them all the time. 

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For people who are genuinely worried about their health, these bands can be more than a fashion accessory. Most of the time, people buy them and seem to forget the health-related aspects that motivated them to buy these gadgets in the first place. 

Yet, with the right use, these can actually be good for maintaining health. For instance, the step-counting feature can track your daily walk and can help people in setting daily goals. Also, the more high-end variety can also measure the total distance covered throughout the day, which can help the users for setting even bigger goals.

Daily walks alone can solve a lot of fitness-related issues with people like obesity and other stuff. With bigger goals, more can be achieved from it as a whole. Walking monitoring is not the only feature that can contribute to fulfilling your fitness goals, as there are also many other sport-related features. You can find modes like swimming, running, cycling, working out, and many more. 

The more high budget smartwatches can even tell about how many calories the users have burned in the process. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. People can set up their goals for burning calories and producing more muscle than fit in their body. 

If used the right way, many health enthusiasts can find a complete package in the form of these products. But if those are not your plans, you can select benefits to some extent with these bands as people like me are bound to a PC for an average of 8-10 hours a day throughout their working week. The fitness bands also have a feature focused on people like us. We can set alarms if we sit in one place for too long. My fellow bloggers have found great use of this feature as they can get involved in some timely activities that save them from problems like back pain. Personally, it is one of my favorite features of products of this kind.

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Monitoring Activity Through Phone Apps

A great thing about all these mainstream fitness gear is their integration with smartphones through applications. With most of these smartphones, there are designated Android and IOS applications to record the data of your whole day of activity. You can keep a fitness calendar with these applications. 

Also, you set up the music on your phone through your watch, which is clearly a workout-friendly feature, for me at least. Other features include notifications of calls, messages, and social media notifications. The good thing I find about this notification pushing feature is that you don’t have to get distracted from a workout with your phone. It can be a great thing for a lot of fitness enthusiasts who do want to avoid phone distraction during grinding sessions. 

Personal Experience With These Products

Recently, my father had angioplasty because of his cardiac issues, as during the year 2020, because of the pandemic, he was only bound to the house and other activities. The activities were more based on eating unhealthy foods, which resulted in their cardiac issues getting more severe. 

After getting discharged from the hospital, the first thing I got from my father was a fitness watch. Even though the physical activities have been a lot less than they actually should have been without the pandemic, still he is working on staying healthy, and the watch has been a great companion on his way to betterment. 

If some of you are looking for the perfect present for your parents, these bands can actually be very good. Talking from experience, my old man likes it and is also making good use of it. The walk tracking feature has been working fine for him.

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The bottom line is that these products are a smart investment towards your fitness goals. Even if you are not much of a fitness junkie, you can greatly benefit from them. The least you can do is get up on the sound of beeping or vibrations in a prolonged no-activity state, take a round of the office and get back to your seat. By doing this, you can at least avoid back pain. If not even that, you can wear one of these and look techy and fashionable.