Plastic surgery is advancing in making the dreams of women come true, every day! It’s letting them add curves, flaunt perfect figure, and change even the look of their face. That is sure, more than what you could ask for? But, for every surgical procedure, there is a limit for the number of times it’s gotten done. A tummy tuck procedure should be an once-in-a-lifetime step as well.

There are precautions and instructions to be followed, for before and after the procedure, for long term results and for better results. Patients visiting for Tummy Tuck surgery in Atlanta are generally advised by surgeons at Crispin Plastic surgery center to focus on their lifestyle and make changes accordingly, so they can have the best outcome of any procedure and not just tummy tuck.

Although, some lifestyle factors like weight fluctuations and pregnancy can significantly affect the skin and muscles in your abdomen and cause drastic changes, but there are always ways by which you can achieve successful results and keep similar results going a long way. Here’s a guide for successful venture, which alone, you can set and have:

How Long before You Can Actually see Tummy Tuck Results?

Tummy tuck just like other figure enhancing procedures as breast augmentation, is a procedure that can keep you greatly anticipated for the final results.  But, whether you take tummy tuck after drastic weight loss and loose skin or you get the procedure done after pregnancy, you will need to allow your body to recover and heal, in its own time:

Tummy tuck generally involves the following steps:

  • Removal of loose and excess skin
  • Tightening of skin and muscles
  • Removal of fatty deposits
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Since every individual is unique in structure and body type, therefore tummy tuck on some people will be more extensive than on others. And a number of factors contribute to each person’s healing process. Below are the different stages you will need to pass through to achieve the results you desire:

The Healing Stage

As soon as tummy tuck procedure is done, the loose and saggy skin disappears immediately. However, swelling stays for some time and gradually decrease over a period of some weeks. Although, some patients return to their desk jobs after two weeks but for other jobs that require more physical strength, additional recovery time will be needed.

During this stage, specific instructions are given by the surgeon which include, avoiding vigorous physical activity. For other non-impact cardio, walking etc. patients are advised to go slowly on themselves and start after two weeks, while for all other physical activities, six to eight weeks is recommended.

The Second Healing Stage

The second stage is of three to four months. By the end of four month, any remain of swelling should also be gone. Majority of patients fit into their smaller sized clothing by this time and can also see their final shape.

The Final Healing Stage

The healing, final healing in precise might take a year or more. Incisions will heal and also fade away during this time. Throughout the year, practicing good health care, protection of incisions and scars from sun and other hazardous factors will help maximize tummy tuck results.

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Tummy Tuck Results Lasts As Long As You Want

Your part in looking sleeker and keeping your abdomen skin tight, for long, depends a lot on you. Remember that whenever, you want to have to get tummy tuck procedure done, you will need to keep yourself committed to maintaining the look afterwards and staying prepared for before the procedure goals.

Commit to Maintaining the Look

Tummy tuck procedure can dramatically change the look and feel of your abdomen, but your journey on this venture does not finish unless you have healed completely. Tummy tuck might seem as an easy way out of huge tummy bulge, but it depends on you to keep it the same for as long as you want. Because you will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle with diet and surgery, even after the procedure is done.

Certain Changes Will Happen At All Cost with Age

Despite the fact that tummy tuck results will last a few years or so, but your body will continue to change with time. With age, the elasticity and weight of your skin will change, leaving your abdomen looking different at different ages. Change doesn’t have to be bad, you can always get the changes enhanced with other nonsurgical procedures.

Tips for Keeping the Results Long Lasting

Tummy tuck procedure is a greatly involved procedure in plastic surgery field. Yet, it’s very natural to feel concerned about the outcomes. However, there are way to keeping the results ensured and long lasting. Here are few tips that can help you go a long way with your surgery:

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Give Importance to Post Care Instructions

Tummy tuck procedure has a ling recovery period, and out of all the other factors, this period is important in determining the results of tummy tuck last long. During this period, follow all the after-care instructions for preventing future complications.

Avoid Future Pregnancies

Pregnancy is one aspect of women’s life that can bring drastic changes, in mood and body. Tremendous amount of stress is just one part and carrying the child in the womb can exert a lot of pressure on the abdominal muscles. Therefore, if you have planned for the surgery, then plan for not being pregnant after the surgery as well.

Avoid Any Excess Weight Gain

Ideal tummy tuck candidate will avoid any to all kind of weight gain. Just like pregnancy, weight gain can exert strain on the wall of the muscles and can make the skin loose and muscles tight. Before tummy tuck surgery, ensure that you are already close to the ideal weight already, and then keep it maintained after the surgery.

Regular Exercise and Good Diet

For tummy tuck and any other procedure, during and after the recovery period, it’s important for you to continue the exercise and eat healthy. By taking care of your diet always and taking an active part in your exercise regime, you can expect the tummy tuck results to last for as long as you want.