Men and women alike find themselves gaining weight steadily once they start working. Most attribute it to the stress eating, to all the food in the company parties, to being stuck in one position all day, to not having time to work out and keep themselves fit.

That last part, is one thing we’ve all heard from many of our friends, and probably from our own mouths. Once we start working we feel like there is nothing else that we can do apart from work.We can’t hang out with friends because we’re too tired. We eat take out instead of cooking. We sleep instead of going out with our loved one. We spend two hours in front of the tv, or playing video games, or surfing the internet instead of working out.

The thing is, there will always be time for something if you really want it. The key is to move things around and reconsider your daily routine, as well as your priorities. Sure, you want some time to relax everyday that’s why you’re on the couch playing Call of Duty for three hours straight before going to bed. But wouldn’t you rather be fit AND feel relaxed? Because that’s what working out can do for you.

In the long run, the choices you make will come back to bite you in the tushy. If you don’t make time to keep yourself fit, you’re going to end up overweight, constantly out of breath, and missing out on life.

And once you do decide to reevaluate your priorities and make for working out, do it in the morning. Here’s why:

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You could end up not doing anything else throughout the day and still feel accomplished.

You woke up early and ran two miles. You’re unstoppable!

You feel less stressed out at work.

Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly feel more empowered by their sudden acquisition of a good work- life balance. So even if you work late, you still feel good about yourself.

You get the opportunity to brag a bit at work.

There are people that get to work, looking stressed out of their minds, and with a story that will either make you laugh or make you feel antsy about being at work. Sharing stories about a funny gym incident, or a cute gym buddy is a better alternative for that. It makes you look like a put- together adult, and may inspire some of your friends to get healthy themselves.

You look at healthy food and they seem more appealing.

Inspired by the two- mile run you did and want to continue taking care of your body, things like salad, green smoothies, and steamed fish start looking better to you. Even when there’s temptation all around.

You make the time for breakfast and your appetite is ready for it.

Some people don’t do breakfast because they want the extra half hour to stay in bed. But studies have shown that eating breakfast helps people make better choices throughout the day. Plus, this time, you’re not just eating breakfast, you’re eating a healthy breakfast, and not just some sugary pastry (which isn’t breakfast by the way!)

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You could end up burning more fat.

While there are numerous studies that discuss which time of the day is better for you to exercise and why, a recent study suggests that if you exercise on an empty stomach, or before your first meal, you could end up burning 20% more body fat.

You’ll start your day off with a good mood.

Exercise releases endorphins which make you happy. By exercising in the morning, you get happy, and stay happy throughout the day. Even if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, all you need is a good workout to start your day off in a positive note.

Your metabolism gets a big boost.

Similar to the study about burning more fat in the morning, you burn more calories throughout the day when you workout in the morning compared to when you work out at night. Even if it’s the same intensity.

You sleep better at night.

You know how you get pumped up and motivated to move after a morning workout? Well, you’ll still feel that way if you work out at night. This makes it harder for you to get to sleep. Workout in the morning and get deeper, longer, and better sleep.

You’ll have a better social life.

Nobody likes it when a friend ditches a night to have drinks with you just because he/she has to go to the gym. But, nobody likes making plans in the morning so do your run then. That way, no matter what’s in store for you for the rest of the day, you’ve already done your duty to your body.

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Bio: Louie Santos is a yoga instructor, real estate go-to guy, and breadwinner for two families. He works hard because, well, two families. But also because he wants to be able to give his siblings, as well as his children, a better life than he and his older brother did when they were out on the streets selling whatever to make ends meet. In an extra effort, he’s started writing about the dangers of addiction and about rehabcenters and signs that your loved ones are going through it on his site.