A dimple is a small natural indentation in the flesh on a part of the human body, most notably in the cheek or on the chin. Dimples are the visible indentations in facial skin that are either permanently present on cheeks or chin, or appear temporarily while a person speaks or smiles. Dimples are one of the most dominant facial traits.
Generally, dimples are present or appear on both cheeks, but sometime, a rare form of single dimple appears on one cheek. It is believed that dimples are genetically inherited. Studies have found that the parents having dimples give birth to children having dimples.Girls go crazy when they encounter guys with dimples, I included. I would say not many guys have dimples and the few who have really tend to stand out.

Sometimes, dimples are also caused due to the presence of excessive fat on your face. These dimples are not permanent. They vanish away when the excessive fat goes away. Such dimples are not indicators good health. These dimples can be eliminated through proper diet and exercise.
Dimples are also linked with youth. Some children and youngsters show dimples in tender age, but their dimples disappear when they grow old.

Dimples Are Genetic Defects

What most people do not know is that dimples are actually genetic defects. Yes, don’t be surprised. The truth is that these depressions are caused by shortened facial muscles.This facial muscle is called zygomaticus major. This malformation is caused by a fault in the subcutaneous connective tissue that develops in the course of embryonic development.

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Cheek Exercises for Dimples

The best and I think the only way to get them is from exercises. You have to do cheek exercises for dimples. However, let not this method fool you that they are going to be there forever. They could stay on for a few minutes or hours, just enough time for you to take a picture. How else can you brag you have made dimples with exercises if you do not take a picture?

Some people have also made a confession that doing these exercises daily for a long time has brought semi-permanent results. You will have to do them to believe this. I have never tried them so I do not know how effective these cheek exercises for dimples are. However, this is the only healthy way to get them.

You will not be piercing your cheeks with sharp and probably unsterilized objects that could give you an infection. Furthermore, you do not have to touch your skin with dirty hands to get the dimples there. You know how dirty hands can clog your pores. Without wasting so much of your time, these are the cheek exercises for dimples:

  1. Close you mouth without clenching your teeth
  2. Pout as if you just ate something bitter or you are imitating a fish
  3. Suck in you cheeks and hold for as long as you can
  4. Using your index fingers or thumbs, which should be washed with antibacterial soap prior to touching your face, press where you want the dimples on your cheeks. All this time you should maintain the pout.
  5. Press against the tissue with your fingers or thumbs for 30-60 minutes then release
  6. Run to the mirror to see the results of your cheek exercises for dimples.
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How to Get Dimples with Makeup

Faking dimples should be sort as a last resort because it can make you look weird. If you cannot get the application of make up right, then do not attempt to use makeup to get dimples. This is how to get dimples with makeup:

  • Apply your foundation even on face
  • Get a dark brown eye pencil and make a dot where you have creases on you cheeks when you smile. Outside the crease is where you should have the dimples. The brown color should blend well with your skin.
  • Grab your blending brush and make a crescent with a light shade eye shadow where you have the dots. The crescent should be 1 cm big
  • Blend the crescent shape with finishing powder without distorting the shape. Of course, dimples gotten this way will appear unnatural to people looking at you, but not in a photo.
  • Check results to see any peculiarity on face and make necessary corrections.