Did you know that by eating the right foods, you can actual burn fat and lose weight? It’s certainly a strange concept that eating food can help burn fat. It’s true though! This is based on the thermogenic diet concept. In order to digest certain foods, your body has to burn more calories. Then again, eating certain other foods helps boost your metabolism. This makes you burn fat faster! So there you have it. You don’t have to rely on just diet and exercise to lose weight. You can now eat to lose weight.

1. Peppers

Add the following metabolism kick-starters to your diet: Multi-colored cayenne peppers and spicy Mexican Jalapenos and habaneras. These spicy peppers make your body burn fat at about 25% faster than your current burn rate. Add these hot mamas to everything from your soups, to roast meats, to sauces – just make sure you eat several every day.

2. Eggs

Eggs do have a bad name with the cholesterol and everything but the body needs to put in some hard work to digest the protein in them. Eating eggs for breakfast acts like a jumpstarting mechanism where your metabolism is concerned. Eggs also contain B12 vitamin which aid in fat destruction. Don’t eat eggs everyday; have one every alternative day and only with breakfast, to enjoy the full benefits.

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3. Skim Milk

Milk is chock full of calcium which is a metabolism kick-starter. A high calcium intake helps you lose weight faster than those that avoid milk. Milk contains essential carbohydrates that ensure your insulin levels are kept low, which prevents your body from storing fat.

4. Green Tea

Two to three cups of green tea a day and you’re all set to burn additional fat. When you combine green tea with caffeine, your nervous system goes into overdrive and your burn more calories.

5.       Beans

The protein in beans helps you build muscle, and we all know muscle cells burn more calories than fat cells do. Even a small increase in your muscle mass can help your fat loss cause. Beans also contain good quality fiber, which prevent your system from absorbing fat. Bake white beans, soybeans, lima, navy and kidney beans. Avoid fried beans.

6.       Cereals Made Of Whole Grain

All whole grains are great sources of fiber. A bowl of whole grain cereals for breakfast is an excellent way to start a good fat burning day. Whole grain cereals also contain complex carbohydrates, which prevent insulin spikes. This means your body doesn’t run to store fat.

7.       Oatmeal

Try oatmeal for a morning time fat buster. This cereal prevents insulin spikes, ensuring your body doesn’t store fat. In addition, eating a bowl of oatmeal in the morning is a sure way to gain a 10% increase in your metabolic rate!

8.       Olive Oil

Olive oil does two things for you; it limits your cholesterol levels and burns fat. Replace all other cooking oils in your kitchen with olive oil today and do yourself a huge favor.

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9.       Lean Pork And Beef

Eat lean pork or beef and stay away from the fatty bits. Pork has a bad reputation and is known to be heavy. However, if you stick to lean pork, you can take advantage of your body’s extra work to digest it and burn fat. Both meats contain a high level of protein, which requires your body to work harder to digest. With lean meats, you get the advantage of the protein as well, along with the hike in metabolism and the burning of additional calories.

10.   Lean Salmon

High in Omega 3 fatty acids, salmon makes for a great fat burning diet option. Grill it, bake it or broil it; whatever you do with it, make sure lean salmon is part of your diet. The Omega 3 fatty acids help you burn more calories while the lowering your leptin levels.

11.   Lean Tuna

Tuna is a miracle fish that has many benefits for the health-lover. Tuna brings down your body’s leptin levels, which action increases your metabolic rate. With an increased metabolic rate, your body burns fat more efficiently and at a faster rate. Tuna also contains excellent protein, which helps build muscle; with more muscle, your body burns additional fat even while you’re at rest. Tuna is easy to cook and digest and can be had raw, grilled, baked or broiled.

12.   Lean Turkey And Chicken

Turkey again is an excellent source of protein. As long as you avoid the skin, turkey helps you burn fat owing to its muscle-generating protein. High in protein, a couple of lean chicken breasts grilled with a little olive oil makes the perfect fat burning dinner you’ll ever have.

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13.   Sardines

Whether you eat sardines fresh or tinned, the benefits are the same. The fish oil that sardines are packed with is an excellent fat burner. Body builders and swimmers include sardines as part of their daily diets, since they need to maintain a low body fat ratio. The high protein and fish oil rich combination in sardines helps to keep you ripped and in great shape for athletics.

14.   Nuts

Add all nuts to your diet, albeit in small amounts. Don’t ignore them; walnuts, almonds, macadamia, pecan nuts, brazil nuts, hazel nuts, pistachios – these fatty nuts actually help you burn fat! Grab a handful of nuts along with your breakfast and experience the fat burning aspect of the healthy fat the nuts store. Nuts also contain minerals, fiber, vitamins and excellent protein, which help control your blood sugar levels, encouraging further fat loss.

15.   Organic Berries

You can buy any kind of organic berries; raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, cranberries and so on. Berries contain dietary fiber, which ensures that your body absorbs carbohydrates slowly. This way, berries help to control your blood sugar levels, preventing insulin spikes that make your body store fat. Try to shop for the goji berry, which is one of the greatest naturally occurring antioxidants on the planet!

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