The best addressed thing that a bride has is to maintain the figure and squeeze into her budget wedding dress. Yes, every bride need to look perfect! But with the strain and the anxiety during low budget wedding preparation, extra weight can take place – sadly. A lot of soon to be brides will neglect to eat and a lot others will just chew more than the normal and due to the stressful schedule, cannot find time to exercise anymore.

And what will be the consequence? During the final wedding dress fitting, it will not fit. That will be a disaster!

Exactly what do you do relating to this? Here are a handful of ideas:

All brides will be under a lot of tension and anxiety – this is for sure. So you think about your health first. Eat on time and have time to exercise just for 15 to 30 minutes a day. You can run, walk, bike, whatever you feel like doing. This will not only be beneficial for you but for your mind also. Doing exercises will certainly chill out your brain and will ‘blow off steam’.

Eating Habits:
Watch your food intake. Mindless eating is the easiest route to gaining weight. And as you are occupied, there will be occasions that you can never get ready balanced meals. So you can just select the healthier alternative available. You can still go to drive-thrus and get a burger or something – but you can still get the most healthy option there is. There are grilled lean burgers, you’ll be able to decide on whole wheat bread instead of white bread or you can diminish mayonnaise or any dressing in your burger. You may get side salad if there is available.

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Because your budget wedding is really near, try to reduce your sugar intake. Not excessive chocolate, cakes and ice cream. Too much sugar will cause you to take in more and I know that that you do not want that.

Just in case you cannot fit in your dress during your final fitting, be honest. Notify if something is too tight or you don’t seem to be comfortable anymore. It is better to change the wedding dress than keep your size 6 and you will not be able to move comfortable on your wedding because your dress is too tight. You will never enjoy your wedding if this is the situation.

So, simply try these tips you may have a great low budget wedding.

The author, Dee is a mother and a wife. She successfully prepared weddings – from the most expensive to the most personal ones. What she finds the most challenging is managing a low budget wedding. Read on for her points on helping to make your dream low budget weddings.