Fashion aside, body type can be classified into three basic groups:
Ectomorphs: are the slender people of the world. These people are normally tall and thin. They hardly develop muscles and do not gain weight, whatever they eat. Mesomorphs: are strong and muscular most models and sprots enthusiasts belong to this group.
Endomorphs: are stout and well covered with flesh. They easily gain weight and are often obese and soft. There is also another way to categorize the body type. In order to fund your body type, the angle between the sets of ribs has to observe.

Perfect Female Body – Ideal Body Measurements For Women

A female body can be placed in a range of body measurements and shapes. It is hard to standardize a perfect female body according to a particular shape or body measurement. However, considering the popularity of specific body shape and measurements in different parts of the world,

Hourglass Shape: This is considered as the best shape for the women. Where the bust and hips measurements would be almost the same circumference, though the bust can be ‘one inch’ larger than the hips.The waist would be much smaller. A perfect hourglass shape is where the difference between the ‘waist and the bust’ and ‘waist and hips’ is at least ‘nine inches’.

Pear or Spoon Shape: If there is a wide difference in measurements between the hips and bust and hardly any between the chest and waist. Hips are ‘two inches’ or more larger than the bust and waist is less than 9.25″ smaller than the bust.

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Ruler(Rectangle) Shape: If there is hardly any difference in the measurements of waist, bust and hips. The waist is less than ‘nine inches’ smaller than the bust.

Tips to Gain a Perfect Body Weight

For instance, the very notion of food is perceived in a different way by common people. There is a pre-conceived notion about dieting. They never tend to think or believe anything else about dieting. The old concepts must be necessarily changed if weight has to be lost.

Emotions and Appetite: Emotions and appetite should never move together. The emotions should never dictate to you what to eat. In that case, the chances of weight gain increases. You should learn to control your preferences for food irrespective of your emotion.

Not committing to your Weight Loss Program: Do not let your program of weight loss go off course. It is always better not to listen to what others say and do. You should always stick to your program strictly.

Maintain Discipline: Maintain discipline even while you eat your food. You’re going out to dine but that does not mean that you can eat whatever you like. In this way, you will learn to get success in your dieting and consequently lose the weight you strive to lose.

• Exercise is the most common process by means of which you can gain a perfect body weight. There are different exercises regimens for fat as well as thin people through which they can consequently lose or gain weight.
• The diet should always be concentrated more on carbohydrates and less on meat or beer. Carbohydrates are basically utilized by the muscles so that the body can get enough energy to perform activities.
• Water is essential during exercises as it contributes to weight loss when the function of the cells gets improved.
• You can go for some herbal medicines as well as some yoga by means of which you can achieve the perfect body weight.
• Last but not the least is a positive mindset which is the most important factor in achieving your goal. With a positive mindset that you can surely do it, you will stick to your goals and become more disciplined so that you can both lose as well as gain weight according to your desire.

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Tips in Maintaining a Perfect Body Shape

Now that you have lost the weight after working really hard, I think maintaining your body shape shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Exercise can be defined as fitness, gymnastics, and physical movements: a physical movement or action, or a series of them, designed to make the body stronger and fitter or to show off gymnastic skill.

You are going to need stairs for this one. Now just to maintain your body weight, all you have to do is go up and down the stairs for 5 minutes. If you want to lose more weight, then do this exercise for 20 – 30 minutes a day.

Consume at least one apple in between your meals.

Apples have a lot of roughage and water content in them. in addition to having water and fiber in them, this will fill you up and you will not feel like eating snacks between meals.

The eating of lentil or black beans daily
Lentil is a plant of the pea family native to the Mediterranean areas and to western Asia and grown for its edible seed. With the black beans, you need to consume half a can for two meals per day or you can add to 2-3 ounce of lentil a day. These two foods contain fiber and protein that help in maintaining blood sugar level in the body.