A study has shown that if you eat a handful of nuts every day, you will likely live longer. If you are thinking about how nuts can do that? The answer is simple as they are rich in calories, nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants. As for the fat inside them, not all of it is absorbed in the body. We can also put it like they are rich in the good stuff and lack of bad stuff. 

If eaten the right way, nuts can be a source of a lot of nutritional elements, but if you overeat them or eat their sugar or chocolate-coated varieties, you may not get the health benefits you need. So, eat them in moderation, and eat them the right way. 

The right amount of eating nuts is a handful or 28 grams. With this amount of nuts, single or mixed with others, you will get the right calories, proteins, fats, and the collective good stuff. Also, if you are on a weight loss diet, this amount of nuts is enough to keep you going without a meal. 

Following are the nuts you should add to your diet:


Walnuts are one of the most famous nuts that a lot of us love to eat. A handful of them is rich in the good stuff, including good fats, vitamins, protein, and fiber. These are one of the most beneficial nuts you can find. 

The health-related benefits of walnuts. They are healthy for the brain, heart, and overall well being. Walnuts reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol in the body, thus preventing the risk of stroke. Also, these nuts have effects on the brain that can make you wiser.  

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The addition of walnuts to your routine is easier than you think. You can add them to your porridge, cereals, smoothies, and a lot of other foods. These can be a tasty addition to whichever foods you add them to. Also, you can eat them directly or with other nuts if you want to lose weight.


Almond is another famous nut that is very high on the good stuff like protein, carbohydrates, antioxidants, good fat, and minerals. These are the nuts that have the highest amounts of calcium. 

These nuts pack many health benefits and can help in weight loss, controlling blood sugar, controlling blood pressure, making good cholesterol, and controlling bad cholesterol. In short, they are a benefit powerhouse. 

Adding almonds to your diet is one of the easiest tasks as they taste delicious. You can add them to porridge, smoothies, and cereals. There is a lot you can do with almonds as you can soak them and then eat them, including almond oil or almond milk in your diet.


Pistachios are another famous type of nuts that carry a lot of health-related benefits. Like the other two nuts on the list, these are high in fiber, good fat, and protein. These have so much protein by mass, pistachios are 20% protein. That’s why they can be a great protein source.

These nuts can help against diabetes, blood pressure, and heart problems. As these are high in protein, eating them in your weight loss routine can help a lot. However, for proper health benefits, it is best if you avoid salted pistachios. 

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Like other nuts, you can add them to your daily meals or simply take a handful with you. You can also make a trail mix of pistachios with other nuts, dried fruits, and seeds. In South Asian countries, pistachios are added to many desserts for better taste.


Hazelnuts are one of the best when it comes to taste vs. benefits ratio. These nuts are high in fat, but most of them are monounsaturated fats, the healthy ones. Also, these nuts have other nutrients like fibers, carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins. 

These nuts are good for the heart as they keep your heart healthy. Also, they keep the bad cholesterol and help in making good cholesterol. So, overall these are a heart-friendly nut. However, one thing should be kept in mind that if you are seeking health benefits from these nuts that chocolate-coated varieties and over sugar-loaded spreads will not make you healthier, but the opposite.

You can add hazelnuts to your cereals, smoothies, and other such foods. You can also add them to your trail mix or eat them as they are.